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Caterpillar tractors


The Caterpillar brand has long established itself as the largest manufacturer of earthmoving machinery, tractors along with mining trucks, graders, excavators and other heavy equipment, which is actively used in the construction, forestry, mining industries. The US Caterpillar tractor is multifunctional equipment that is easily complemented by attachments and is capable of simultaneously performing several tasks at once. Despite its rather high cost, it continues to remain incredibly popular and widespread both in the USA and in European, Asian countries.


Popular CAT models


If you plan to buy the Caterpillar tractor in the USA, we recommend paying your attention to the following models: 


CAT 428e. The model can move at speeds up to 40 kilometers per hour. Includes a four-speed system with permanent gears and synchronizers. The unit is also equipped with a function of switching under load. As for the brake system, it is accompanied by Kevlar discs, a double brake pedal. The standard equipment is supplemented with a differential lock of the rear axle with manual control. 

CAT 422e. A new load-adjustable hydraulic system with in-line distribution, an improved loader design, and linkage geometry have contributed to improved handling of this machine and increased the bucket separation force by 10 percent. The model has a complete set, implying the presence of a steering system for turning all wheels and AccuGrade, with the help of which the exact depth and slope are maintained during the digging of trenches. The equipment was manufactured in such a way as to significantly reduce costs when operating equipment in aggressive conditions.

CAT 434e tractor perfectly demonstrates itself in conditions where machines with multi-sized tires are simply not able to work. Thanks to special tires, high passability is provided along with low ground pressure. As a result, special equipment is often used on loose soil, for example, when the construction of agricultural farms is carried out. This unit easily passes on sites where other cars simply will not get. This improves its performance and versatility.


Selling, rental, lease of Caterpillar tractors


A CAT tractor is available for sale on our website, where users publish free classified ads daily, offering their services or equipment on extremely favorable terms. This is a great option for both individuals and large enterprises who want to sell their equipment to interested customers as soon as possible and receive a generous reward for the transaction.


Rental of CAT tractors are also available on the site for any period from one day to several months. The longer the rental period, the lower the final cost. This can be explained by the fact that business owners are interested in stable and constant cooperation with customers who will use the equipment for a long time.


Leasing is a new form of cooperation between the tractor owner and the customer. Such a service is considered quite profitable, since it requires a minimum number of documents, is completed quickly and returns up to 20 percent VAT of the cost of the leased object.


Delivery Caterpillar tractors in the USA and Canada


After purchasing the CAT tractor in the auction, many users become interested in the delivery of the equipment to different cities within the territories of Canada and the United States. The transportation of such cargo is a process that requires a special approach to the organization. If you comply with the basic requirements, transportation will end safely and in the shortest possible time. Cooperation with trusted and reliable carriers is based on the following principles:



The price for CAT tractors in the USA depends on the delivery costs, transportation fees, distance, weight, size, the quantity of the items to be delivered, and so on. To get more detailed information on delivery, please contact our support center. 


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