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Buses in the USA are actively used to transport large groups of passengers. This transport provides not only city and route trips but is also often used during excursions, for tourism purposes, at corporate parties and other special occasions. Several dozens of people usually fit on one bus - it all depends on the capacity of a particular model.


Before buying a bus in the United States, you should study all the features of its design, which should not only ensure the placement of a group of passengers but also provide them with a high level of comfort and safety. The above transport is distinguished by several distinctive qualities, such as:



Popular manufacturers of buses 


Volvo Bussar buses belong to Volvo Group corporations, as well as a leading global manufacturer of this equipment, which develops, manufactures, sells complete urban and intercity models with large capacity. The company has branches in 15 countries, and products are sold in more than 50 countries.


Yutong buses are an excellent opportunity to significantly improve the quality of carrier services and quickly increase profits. The brand offers a huge assortment of modern models that are ideally suited for tourism purposes and intercity transportation, as well as equipment that fully copes with the role of public transport in megacities. For many years, the manufacturer described above has been able to maintain a leading position in the market. During the creation of transport exclusively modern technologies are involved. The production of equipment is carried out at a plant with an area of ​​1.33 million square meters, which allows producing annually up to 90 thousand buses. The catalog contains not only diesel engines but also advanced models operating from alternative energy sources.


Scania buses are ranked as large and extra-large class vehicles. They are ideal for carrying out urban, suburban, intercity or tourist transportation. Their advantages are reliability, maneuverability, efficiency, a good combination of value with the level of comfort.


Sale, rent, lease of buses


The selling of buses in the USA is an easy process for our advertising platform. On "AGRONET" website each registered user can post ads with photos, videos, detailed descriptions, cost and contact information. Each ad is strictly moderated, after which it is displayed to all users who visit the project. 


Provided you have a limited budget but are in need to buy the used or new buses -  rental will be the best solution! By renting a bus you will be able to save money and develop your business.  


The leasing of buses is a good option for saving budget funds for entrepreneurs and companies that have decided to replenish their fleet. Such a service is in demand because it has a large number of advantages, such as:



Delivery of buses in Canada and the United States


Every year, the auctions attract more and more people who want to buy or sell buses and other equipment. Regardless of the purchase or sale, in the future, it will be necessary to carry out the delivery of transport to the place indicated by the client. In this case, you should contact reliable carriers who are ready to provide professional, fast and reliable delivery. Cooperation takes place in several stages:



The price of buses in the USA can be increased due to the delivery costs, transportation fees, type of cooperation, sizes and weight of the transported equipment.  


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