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Yanmar tractors


The US Yanmar tractor is owned by a Japanese company, which began to operate in 1912. First, she produced internal combustion engines. There was a huge demand for these products, so the brand was developing dynamically, and by 1919 the engineers managed to create the first diesel engine. The company gained momentum, new production lines were opened, on which powerful diesel engines were manufactured for both ground and surface units.


Over time, the company management decided to start producing tractors, and in 1963 the first such machine saw the light. This marked a new stage in the development of brand production. There was an expansion of the assortment, the product line was actively replenished. In 1975, specialists released the first mini tractor. Thanks to high-quality materials, reliable assembly and ease of use, the company has become a leading manufacturer of compact equipment involved in a wide variety of industries.


Popular models of Yanmar brand


Yanmar 1500D tractor is a reliable and multi-functional Japanese-made model. It properly processes, plows, performs other agricultural work on small farm holdings up to 10 hectares. The main advantage of the unit is its ease of maintenance. The reliable engine has a power of 20 horsepower. There is a water cooling function of the motor, so it will not overheat even in hot summer days. 


Yanmar 1301D tractor belongs to the middle class of agricultural machinery. It includes a 17.7 horsepower diesel engine. There is an electric starter, greatly facilitating the process of starting the motor and not requiring additional attention from maintenance. The liquid cooling system allows the engine to fully function even in extreme heat. The transmission is accompanied by 12 speeds, perfectly maneuvers when using attachments. Another advantage is manifested in the low fuel consumption of approximately 3 liters per hour. Engineers took care of organizing a comfortable workplace for the operator.


Yanmar 1401 tractor is a model that meets one hundred percent of all agricultural needs. The kit is complemented by an 18-horsepower water-cooled diesel engine with an electric starter that facilitates the starting process. The model is equipped with an 8-speed gearbox. Thanks to the dual-mode gearbox, the speed of movement is easily adjustable both during the cultivation and transportation of goods.


Selling, rental, leasing of Yanmar tractors


The farmers often face difficulties with the selling of the tractors. The selling of Yanmar tractors is not an easy process as it is not always possible to find the customers. Meanwhile, the machines need to have maintenance and repair. For those who wish to make the process of selling the equipment a profitable business we recommend to join our website and use the services provided for the registered users that have a lot of advantages, such as: 



Rental of Yanmar tractors is another common service, with the help of which it will not be difficult to get equipment to clear the snow, remove the territory from construction waste, and carry out excavation and construction works. Units are available for short and long term. When a long-term contract is concluded, the client can expect to receive significant discounts.


Since the Yanmar tractor price in the USA is often too high for aspiring entrepreneurs, they are looking for ways to obtain equipment on more favorable terms. Leasing is a good option because of the following reasons:



Delivery of Yanmar tractors in Canada and the United States


Japanese Yanmar tractor is a self-propelled vehicle that can independently move on almost any road. However, a much more reasonable option is to deliver the equipment to the place of work on special transport. As a result, it will be possible to count on reducing financial and time costs.


If you decide to buy Yanmar tractors in the USA, we recommend that you should contact our partners who will organize the delivery of the purchased items to the point of destination at an affordable price!


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