Open your online store

Turn your profile into a full-fledged online store with a promotional cover, easy-to-use filters, personalized pages and search

Advertising cover that grabs attention

Add colorful covers and tell them about the benefits of the store, sales and special offers

Convenient filters and product search

Your customers will be able to find products through the search bar, by category and filter by different criteria

New product notifications

Buyers will be able to subscribe to the store, receive notifications about new products

Easy store management

Management does not require special knowledge, costs for programmers, domains, etc. Nothing will distract you from your business

Store catalog

Your store will appear in the store catalog

Personal pages

Create pages for your store, for example: about us, contacts, etc.

How do I open a store?

To open a store, go to your personal account in the "Store" section, then click on "Connect a store" and select the expiration date of the store

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