Buy and sell products safely!

If something goes wrong, the money will be returned to your card. This will help protect against fraudsters.

Return guarantee

If the item is not received or does not match the description, the money will be returned to the card.

Dispute resolution

Our Arbitrators will help resolve a dispute with the seller if it arose during the personal transfer of the goods.


All money transfers are safe and bank card details are protected.

How do I buy with a secure deal?

Select a product

Select an item marked Safe Escrow and pay for it.

Agree to receive the goods

After paying for the goods, you will have a special page where you can track the purchase process. After you receive the goods and inspect it, you need to confirm receipt, and only after that the seller will receive the money, and if something does not suit you, you can go to arbitration and request a refund.


After the transaction, you can leave feedback on the seller.
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