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Case IH tractors


The US Case IH tractor is incredibly in demand among entrepreneurs owning medium and large agricultural enterprises. Thanks to such high-tech equipment, complex agricultural work is mechanized, and time and physical human costs are minimized. The products of this brand as soon as possible spread not only in America but also in Europe and Asia, once again confirming their high level of quality along with universalism.


Many people want to buy a Case IH tractor in the USA, at least for the reason that the manufacturer individually approaches the production of each model. Any single machine has certain design features and advantages. Every unit is versatile and easily copes with the widest range of tasks assigned to it.


Popular models of Case IH brand


Case IH Optum 300 tractor is a multifunctional tractor with an average power level. The complete set includes the forced diesel engine FPT NEF, reliable transmission CVT and the widest range of the additional equipment. Do not forget about the presence of hydraulic systems aimed at minimizing flow losses. The standard hydraulic pump delivers 165 l / min. at 2100 rpm It is possible to install a more powerful unit at 220 l / min. The 6.7-liter 6-cylinder engine delivers unrivaled power while optimizing fuel consumption.


Case IH Puma 210 tractor is a representative of the popular line of equipment that was developed specifically for agricultural needs. The design of the model is similar to Case Magnum, so it is often called Mini-Magnum. Under the hood of the car, a solid unit for 213 "horses" is installed. There is also an effective Power-Boost technology, which allows the compact model to cope with extremely complex tasks. When this technique was developed, engineers focused on maximum efficiency - they managed to achieve excellent technical characteristics.


Case IH Magnum 340 tractor is a reliable and versatile agricultural machine, fully working with wide-grip units using classic, minimal and zero technologies. The model was designed primarily to meet the needs of the most demanding farmers. Many experts have called the Magnum series the best in its class.


Selling, rental, leasing of Case IH tractors


As practice shows, selling of Case IH tractors is a rather complicated procedure, which often takes too much time. Many owners have to spend years selling their equipment. Fortunately, today there is an opportunity to facilitate this process. On our site, everyone can add an advertisement for the sale of large equipment in the shortest possible time and receive a huge number of offers from interested customers. If you correctly compose an announcement, then significantly increase the chance of a deal.


The price for Case IH tractor in the USA is far from affordable for the residents of the United States. Small business owners are unlikely to afford such an expensive purchase. That is why it is recommended to lease the equipment. The main advantages of leasing are:



Rental of Case IH tractor can be real salvation when a tractor is urgently needed on the site. Rental involves the provision of equipment for a specific period. As a result, it is possible to save a ton of finances, since there is no need for the maintenance, repair, and maintenance of the unit.


Delivery of Case IH tractors in Canada and the United States


When a user buys or sells a tractor in the USA, he may be faced with a new problem: it is necessary to deliver the equipment to the client's address. It is unlikely that it will be possible to transport large-sized equipment on your own - you will have to deal with the preparation of permits, look for suitable vehicles and spend too much time in general. A real solution will be the cooperation with our partners, who will competently develop a route and carry out transportation as quickly as possible.


On our portal, there are the Case IH tractor auctions available for the users. The auction is a great opportunity to purchase the equipment at a low cost or to sell it as soon as possible. For all questions, please contact our support team. Competent managers will provide informative answers and tell you more about all the services of the project.


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