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Allis-Chalmers tractors


The legendary Allis-Chalmers company was opened in 1901 after the merger of Edward P. Allis Co., a steam engine and mill equipment company, Fraser & Chalmers Co., was merged. - manufacturer of milling equipment and ore miner, Gates Iron Works, creating crushing and grinding products and Dickson Manufacturing Co. - a leading company in the manufacture of electric motors with turbines and mining equipment in the field of civil engineering. Soon, the company's employees introduced the US Allis-Chalmers tractor, which pleasantly surprised the farmers with their original appearance and impressive technical characteristics.


Until 1923, the company sold about 300 tractors a year, but the demand for its equipment was constantly growing, after 7 years this figure had already grown to 2300 cars annually. Special attention should be paid to the 1929 model of the year 20/35, which was able to develop power up to 45 horsepower since its design included a four-cylinder engine with a volume of 7.6 liters. Moreover, the production of tracked equipment has begun. It is worth highlighting the K model with an engine of 8.4 liters, which develops power up to 50 horsepower.


 The company continued its development and by the end of the 1970s concluded a series of agreements with popular companies. So, light tractors of the 5000 series are produced in Japan, at Fiat factories in Italy and Romania, and the new 6000 series belongs to the Renault brand.


Popular models of Allis-Chalmers brand


Allis-Chalmers D-Series tractor is a highly sought after line of machinery manufactured by the company from 1957 to 1969. For its time, it was characterized by incredible power, the convenient operation had an interesting design, was sold at an affordable cost, which attracted a huge number of farmers around the world.


The Allis-Chalmers WD45 tractor is the first power steering machine. Access to the installation of a diesel engine appeared after the purchase of Allis-Chalmers Buda and the installation of the 6BD-230 unit in the equipment. According to a large number of experts, the above model is considered one of the most important - for that time it was a truly unique car.


Allis-Chalmers Model G tractor is a small tractor conveyor manufactured by Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing. When this vehicle first appeared, it differed from all its counterparts with the Continental N62 engine mounted at the rear. It is a four-cylinder unit. The model itself was developed for small farming complexes. Besides, it is accompanied by attachments such as plows, seeders, cultivators, allowing you to perform a very different range of work.


Selling, rental, leasing of Allis-Chalmers tractors


The registered users may feel the advantages of the services offered for them on our advertising platform "USA-FARMERS", such as:


Allis-Chalmers tractors for sale. The selling of large equipment will not cause difficulties. It is enough to add an ad, talk about your conditions, describe the technical specifications, accompanying photos and videos. Soon, you are likely to be contacted by several customers planning to make a purchase. 

Leasing. To effectively carry out any agricultural activity and make a profit, you no longer have to spend a substantial part of the budget to buy expensive equipment. The ideal solution - leasing, which makes it possible to obtain equipment on favorable terms.

Tractor rental Allis-Chalmers. The tractor is used to significantly facilitate the agricultural, industrial, construction and many other operations, it is worth ordering a rental service. On our project, there are many offers from companies guaranteeing mutually beneficial cooperation. The Allis-Chalmers tractor price in the USA will depend on how long it is rented and what specifications it has.


Delivery of Allis-Chalmers tractors in the USA and Canada


The Allis-Chalmers tractor auction is in great demand, as it is an excellent opportunity to sell or buy large-sized equipment at a good price and to justify its expectations from the transaction. The next step that the user will have to face is to deliver the car to a specific city in Canada or the United States. For independent fulfillment of this task, resources and skills are not always enough, therefore, cooperation with reliable specialists will be the best way out. Experienced carriers will prepare all the accompanying documentation, quickly get permission for transportation, and work out the route.


Thus, when you decide to buy the Allis-Chalmers tractors in the USA, it is recommended that you should order the delivery. The reliable transportation company is responsible for delivering the cargoes to the point of destination in a safe condition. If you have any questions - contact our support center. 


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