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Branson tractors


Branson tractors are designed and manufactured by South Korean specialists working for the parent company Kukje Machinery. It was founded in 1968 and today is the Korean leader in mechanical engineering. The US Branson tractor is available with both manual gearbox and hydrostatic drive.


The above-described brand has repeatedly won the prestigious EDA's Gold Level USA Award, winning the "Highest Dealer Satisfaction Rating" nomination. It is awarded to companies that have achieved the highest levels of supply, level of product quality, technical resources and interaction with dealers.


Popular models of Branson brand


Branson 2500h tractor is equipped with two hydraulic pumps. One of them is responsible for hydraulic control, and the second - for the rest of the hydraulics. Do not forget about the presence of a locked differential and a plug-in all-wheel drive, which allows improving traction in difficult conditions. The model has become popular due to its distinctive advantages, such as:



Branson 5820c tractor is manufactured at a South Korean plant and is in great demand all over the world. The mechanism is characterized by great versatility, performance, reliability. It has small dimensions, while easily coping with large areas and works non-stop for a long time. The unit includes an all-wheel-drive system, which simplifies the use of the machine in aggressive relief conditions. Thanks to the cab, comfortable conditions are provided for the operator. The tractor can be supplemented with various attachments, making the equipment universal.


Branson K78 tractor includes a powerful 78-horsepower engine. Such a unit can provide the good performance along with high efficiency. Standard equipment consists of a car radio, air conditioning, heating with ventilation, 2 working headlights at the back and front, a rear opening window, a 2V connector. The machine is equipped with two hydraulic pumps. One is responsible for hydraulic control, the second for the rest of the hydraulics to ensure sufficient line pressure for key functions and smooth control, high load capacity when using attachments. An adjustable ergonomic chair for more comfortable riding on uneven surfaces. Another advantage is easy access to essential supplies when you need to change oil, air, fuel, hydraulic filters and so on.


Selling, renting, leasing of Branson tractors


Our portal provides all the conditions for the users to make the selling of the Branson tractors in the USA profitable. Posting an ad on the portal will take only a few minutes. All the ads are moderated and added to the catalog which is updated every day. You can also add photos, videos, any descriptive information to attract potential clients. 


Leasing is an effective solution for large and small businesses. When there is no free money, and the equipment is urgently needed, the above service will surely help you out. Its popularity and demand are directly related to the combination of the advantages of long-term rental and rental. Leasing is actively interested in both large enterprises and individuals.



The price for Branson tractors in the USA is known to be quite high, that is why not every entrepreneur can buy equipment with the best performance, a powerful engine, and reliable chassis design. Fortunately, Branson tractor rental is available. The customer will be given equipment for a specific period, so he will have the opportunity to complete all the necessary tasks. 


Delivery of Branson in the USA and Canada


If you have decided to buy Branson tractors in the USA, first, it is necessary to select the suitable model, and also to deal with the issue of delivery of the equipment to a specific locality. Recently, more and more farmers trust this procedure to specialized companies, that offer the services of delivery. The responsibilities of the transportation companies include preparation of permits for the transportation of the goods, working out the route, client support at each stage of cooperation.


Thus, by buying the Branson tractors in the auction, it is recommended to contact the support center and find out about all the peculiarities of the delivery.  


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