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Warehouse equipment 


The US warehouse equipment is actively used in various industries: commercial, industrial. Nowadays, every manufacturer has several large rooms where consignments are stored - mainly they lie on pallets.


For the proper storage and loading, you will need to buy warehouse equipment in the USA. If you choose in favor of products from proven and well-established brands, the client is guaranteed to live up to his expectations, significantly increasing the efficiency of work in the warehouse.


Famous brands of warehouse equipment 


Guangzhou HLD warehouse equipment has been actively manufactured since 2001. The headquarters of the enterprise is located in Guangzhou and has branches in Hong Kong, Chengdu, Suzhou. Employees of the company are engaged in the production, design, and marketing of racks on which goods are stored. Such goods are often purchased by factories, logistics centers. They fully satisfy customer requirements and properly cope with their key tasks.


Nanjing Inform Storage Equipment includes various industrial shelves, racks, pallets and other similar products. The company has been operating since 2002 and is currently one of the leading leaders in its industry.


The optimally designed rack is known to be the basis of the warehouse. It can withstand not only a solid load but also be ready for additional loads. Jungheinrich storage equipment fully complies with the above-mentioned requirements. It was first developed over 60 years ago. Now the brand offers products of the highest level of quality. A huge range of products is available, so any client can easily choose the best option for himself. Users from around the world choose in favor of the equipment of this brand, which contributes to the development of the business and greatly facilitates the work in the warehouse.


Sale, rental, leasing of warehouse equipment


The "USA-FARMERS" platform offers to use the following services:


Selling of warehouse equipment. Absolutely every user of the site can literally in a few minutes place a free announcement on the sale of certain goods. Moreover, the published proposal will be visible not only to residents of your city but also to other settlements of the country. To guarantee the sale of equipment, it is recommended to accompany his photo with a good description. As practice shows, these are the ads that are most in-demand.

Rental of warehouse equipment. Do you need products for a short time or continuous use? Are you planning an assortment optimization company? Well, then the rental service would be an ideal option. You can familiarize yourself with offers from several companies, determine the most suitable one and contact company representatives to discuss further nuances of cooperation.

Leasing of warehouse equipment. A great opportunity to update the premises where goods are stored. This form of cooperation is much more profitable than lending. In this case, a small initial payment is required, a minimum of documents, after which a certain amount will be assigned, which must be paid monthly.

Delivery of warehouse equipment in Canada and the USA


After purchasing warehouse equipment in the auction, you will need to think about how to organize the delivery of products to the address. Usually, special vehicles are used for these purposes. It is also mandatory to comply with certain requirements during loading and unloading. If you need to transport the equipment or the spare parts, you should contact our shipping partners. They have solid experience, are aware of all the nuances, quickly make a route and issue permits.


 The price for warehouse equipment in the USA depends on the quantity of load you are transporting, the distance of delivery and the additional services applied. By choosing the delivery service on our portal, you can be sure to get the purchased items in time and good condition. The delivery and unloading are realized by the professionals who know how to deliver cargoes.  


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