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The US stackers belong to the category of warehouse equipment which serves for raising pallets with freight to a certain height. Most often it is used in warehouses where a shelf storage system is equipped. The equipment is indispensable in confined spaces, which is extremely important when there are too narrow passages between the racks. Manual and semi-electric models are often complemented by a hydraulic trolley designed only for pallet transport.


The functional features of the above-mentioned equipment are similar to those of the forklifts. However, the price for stackers in the USA is considered to be lower, and the maintenance is cheaper. Another advantage is that you do not need to be specially trained to control the stacker, there are no age restrictions for the operator.


Popular stacker manufacturers


Lema stackers are produced by Polish manufacturer. The Lema equipment is in demand in many countries of the world and has established itself as one of the most reliable. If we talk about the movement and pumping of the hydraulic unit of manual models, then they directly depend on how hardy and strong the operator is. In this regard, this transport is not used in warehouses with a cargo turnover of more than 30 pallets per shift. Hydraulic machines can have adjustable and unregulated forks, are characterized by excellent stability and equipped with a protective net. They can be used in warehouses where you can not do without good maneuverability while working with pallets, pallets and other similar cargo. Manual mechanisms are convenient to operate, so operators do not need to have special skills. 


Jungheinrich stackers – produced by a German company that has been manufacturing loading equipment for a long time. Models of the above brand are always accompanied by positive reviews, they successfully coped with factory tests and confirmed their high level of endurance. This has contributed to the popularity of equipment, which is now produced in large enough quantities. The company organized production in a huge number of countries. The equipment is characterized by high-quality workmanship, it is adapted to any conditions, has good maintainability. 


TOR stackers perfectly cope with the tasks of lifting and moving pallets with goods. It is actively used in stores along with trading floors, shops, and warehouses. The main advantages of these models are high reliability and durability. Do not forget about ease of use, resistance to low temperatures and loads, compliance with international standards.


Selling, rental, leasing of the stackers 


Buying and selling stackers on our project is considered to be a profitable business due to convenient navigation through sections, the ability to sort by characteristics and select the most successful offers. Posting an ad will take a few minutes. The catalog is updating every day enabling the customers to find the proper proposals for business development. 


Rental of stackers is the best solution for economical warehouse managers who still don't have enough money to buy their equipment. She will need to be periodically sent for service, regularly taken care of, and so on. In order not to spend an extra budget, it is recommended to rent a particular model.


The leasing of stackers is a good option for those organizations and enterprises that plan to expand or update their fleet with high-quality, reliable equipment. The deal is characterized by a large number of advantages and is in great demand every year.


Delivery of stackers in Canada and the United States


The auctions are available on our website for everyone eager to sell or buy stacker and other equipment. The main purpose of the auctions is to meet all clients' demands. An additional service is proposed for those who need transportation of the purchased goods to the site - the delivery service. The delivery is realized by a reliable company, that guarantees the following:  



Thus, if you find yourself in need to buy stackers in the USA, you can easily join our advertising platform and get all the services provided by the project. If you have any questions - contact our support center. 


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