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Pallet transporters


The US pallet transporters are often used in storage areas where a huge amount of goods are stored on pallets. Today pallet transporter is widely used in warehouses. With the usage of the transporters, it is possible to move pallets quickly and easily. 


Pallet transporters are sold in the USA in several varieties. There are the transformers that do not provide space for the operator and is purchased in rooms where it is necessary to transport goods at relatively close distances. It is a compact, maneuverable device that properly moves loads even on an inclined surface.

In most warehouses, goods are needed to be transported at very substantial distances, while intensively loading and unloading products. Then it will become more appropriate to use a model that includes a seat for the operator. A powerful motor is installed in such machines, they have high speed, additional options, and are capable of performing intensive loading and unloading. They have established themselves as functional devices that are extremely in demand in warehouses with a huge area.


Famous pallet transformers manufacturers


Hangcha pallet transporters are manufactured by the Chinese brand, known for the production of compact and maneuverable models that have high power and endurance, as well as easily transport loads up to 1,500 kilograms. The equipment perfectly copes with loading and unloading operations in different warehouses. Thanks to simplicity and ease of use, they become indispensable assistants.


Oxlift pallet transporters are considered to be the excellent devices aimed at automating the transportation work in warehouses and stores where there is a large turnover of goods. Units operate from an electric drive, some of them operate on batteries. Such solutions allow the equipment to move quietly without harming the environment. The above models are in demand when it is necessary to conduct transport operations in limited areas. Carts have a specific design, so they can be moved along inclined ramps.


Yale pallet transporters are the modern self-propelled warehouse devices with electric drive, which increases the efficiency and speed of movement of goods of different weights on pallets. Extremely compact dimensions, small dimensions, and ergonomic design make the machines maneuverable and mobile, they can be used on sites with limited free space, in narrow aisles, as well as in freezers. By the way, the models of this brand are capable of processing two pallets at once, which increases the level of productivity, shortens the work cycle and significantly expands the scope.


Selling, rental, leasing of pallet transformers


If you wish to make the selling of pallet transporters profitable business, we offer to use the services provided by our advertising platform "Agronet". The main functions of the website are oriented at the interaction of sellers and buyers directly without intermediaries. The users of our project are people who want to save time resources and competently keep the budget. Not only private individuals, but also large companies publish ads on the site, so if you wish, you can buy not only used equipment, but also completely new.


Rental of pallet transporters is aimed at quickly solving current problems and unloading large terminals during the peak season. Thanks to this method, organizations get rid of the need to purchase expensive equipment and introduce a new piece of equipment to the staff, to service it. There are a lot of benefits to the service, such as:



Leasing of pallet transformers is another popular form of cooperation. With its help, it will be possible to reduce the expense of working capital, since it is enough to make a small initial payment and extend the contributions by months. This transaction is extremely beneficial for legal entities since in the case of its conclusion, taxation is legally optimized and certain benefits appear.


Delivery of pallet transporters in the USA and Canada


Provided you have bought a pallet transporter in the auction, you will need to arrange the transportation of equipment in Canada or the United States. The process of transportation of bulky cargo has special requirements that must be followed. Only then will it be possible to organize safe delivery, save cargo and quickly complete the transportation.


The price for pallet transformers in the USA can be increased due to the transportation fees, though the expenses will be fully covered. By choosing the delivery service, you can be sure to get the purchased transporters or any other equipment in time and good condition. 


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