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Order pickers 


The US order picking equipment is an extremely popular modern technology aimed at accelerating work in warehouses, wholesale bases, retail outlets and so on. With its help, time and resources spent on preparing goods for shipment are minimized. If you buy an order picker in the USA, it will be guaranteed to save your budget, because you no longer have to maintain a huge staff of personnel performing loading and unloading operations.


The equipment mentioned above belongs to the category of lifting equipment, but at the same time, it moves loads almost freely. Models are horizontal (supplemented by a platform) and vertical (equipped with a cabin with a control panel). The models are capable of:



Popular manufacturers of order pickers


Jungheinrich order picker is a technological unit that has a height-adjustable steering wheel that is activated by a PIN code, and also includes some individual programs for low and high speed. All this is aimed at improving the quality of work and creating special comfort. Vertical and horizontal models demonstrate their advantages in the most difficult operating conditions. All pickers of the above brand have extremely solid construction. The presence of a steel frame with a thickness of 8 mm and a high protective apron on the front casing serves to ensure the optimum level of security. 


Still, order pickers are also in demand. Still, pickers are modern, convenient, functional warehouse equipment, the main task of which is to accelerate the processing of solid volumes of orders and increase the speed of cargo flow. As a result, it is possible to achieve increased cost-effectiveness and efficiency in the warehouse. The equipment fully complies with international requirements and GOSTs.


Lema order pickers are available on five options: with lift heights from 3,000 to 4,500 mm. The key purpose of the equipment is to complete small orders located on shelves. Units easily complete various goods and products that are located at a certain distance from each other.


Sale, rent, lease the order pickers 


Selling of order pickers can be successful if you use the services of our portal and publish the announcements with photos, videos and a detailed description of the devices. The ads are moderated and published in the catalog which is available for all the users surfing the net. The ads can be published by both individuals and large companies. It is recommended to post your contact information so that the clients interested in the proposal can contact you directly to discuss all the peculiarities of the future deal. 


Renting order pickers is the only reasonable solution if your equipment is out of order. After the fast delivery of a reliable and highly efficient unit, it will be possible to restore the volume of logistics work, maintain contractual obligations, not face penalties and not lose customers. Moreover, it is possible to test more productive equipment to optimize existing production.


Leasing of order pickers is a modern financial instrument, ideal for entrepreneurs and small organizations planning to modernize the warehouse equipment fleet, but not having a sufficient budget to buy all units at once. After signing the leasing agreement, the client will personally verify its advantages, and most importantly, will make the work of his company more efficient.


Delivery of order pickers in Canada and the United States


The order pickers auctions are organized to attract interested clients who are aimed at buying or selling equipment at a bargain price. After the conclusion of mutually beneficial transactions, a discussion begins on the nuances of the delivery of equipment to certain cities of the United States and Canada. For transportation, special vehicles will be needed - it is unlikely that it will be possible to complete the drive on your own because of the large dimensions of the units. We recommend contacting our partners who have been engaged in transportation for several years and know what documents need to be drawn up, how to properly make a route, and so on.


The price for order pickers in the USA is affordable. It depends on the delivery costs, transportation fees, etc. Join our advertising platform and feel all the advantages it provides for the registered users. In case if you have any questions, contact our support center. 


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