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Forklift trucks


Many people involved in these industrial and construction activities want to buy forklifts in the United States. A forklift is considered to be the perfect solution between a standard trolley and a stationary crane that performs its functions through a software controller.


Forklift trucks are actively used to transport cargo to different places. However, there are several approaches to the implementation of such work. For example, you can buy a forklift bu, which was specially made for use in narrow corridors. It has minimal power indicators, but it is mobile and moves quickly. It is also known about modifications designed for high-altitude and many other works, so there will not be a problem with choosing the best option.


Popular brands of forklifts


Every year, more and more entrepreneurs are willing to buy JAC forklifts. The forklifts of the brand are characterized by the following features: the trucks are equipped with original parts and assemblies of Japanese and Chinese manufacturers. There are pneumatic and solid tires that allow you to work on construction sites with different surfaces and ensure safe operation in closed facilities thanks to electric, gas units. Their stability is achieved by 3 and 4 wheel support equipment.


Purchasing new forklifts of the Toyota brand is another popular solution. The models of this manufacturer have a lot of undeniable advantages and therefore have long remained leaders in the market. There are a lot of advantages of Toyota forklifts, such as: 



Auction is popular in the USA. The auctions available on our website offer a wide range of Komatsu forklifts manufactured in Japan and delivered to almost all countries of the world. They are developed for continuous operation. A choice of any engines and equipment. In any case, technology will cope with its key tasks. If you plan to operate the truck 24/7, it is recommended that you purchase an additional set of batteries.


Selling, rental, leasing of forklifts


Selling forklift trucks is not an easy process. Many entrepreneurs may face difficulties in search of the clients interested in purchasing of the trucks. To make the process of selling a profitable business, you are welcome to join our advertising platform "Agronet" which allows its users to post their ads with photos, videos, technical characteristics and other materials that can help to attract the new clients. All advertisements are moderated and the catalog is updated every day. 


Leasing of forklifts is in demand in the USA as it has a lot of advantages the entrepreneurs may benefit from, for instance:



Rental of forklifts is another popular service that allows even the smallest companies to purchase large and pricy equipment. Rental costs are affordable.


Delivery of forklifts in the USA and Canada


Forklift trucks bought in the auctions can be delivered to any place within the territories of the USA and Canada by a reliable transportation company that obliges to prepare all the supporting documentation and issue all the necessary permits. 

If you decide to use the additional option of our portal - the delivery service, the price for forklifts in the USA can be increased due to transportation fees. However, you can be sure to get the purchased trucks or any other equipment in time and good condition.  

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