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Container handling technique 


The US container handling equipment is needed to receive and transport the containers, inspect equipment superficially, detect damage, carry out loading and unloading operations, and so on. Cargo handling is a complex process that has a direct impact on the storage of the container along with its safety and further movement along a specific route. Container technology is represented by machines equipped with a crane with a telescopic boom. The boom is accompanied by a spreader, with the help of this device the container is captured.


Before you buy container handling equipment in the USA, you need to pay special attention to load capacity, wheelbase or overall length, working weight, and the number of tiers for stapling containers. Parameters by type of power, engine, tires, and gearbox have a direct impact on the functionality of the units and are always indicated in the technical specifications.


Popular manufacturers of container handling technique


Reachstacker Kalmar is aimed to increase the productivity of not only work operations, but the business as a whole. Thanks to our solid experience in the lifting and transport industry and the innovative technologies that are used in loading and unloading, it is possible to achieve high productivity throughout the work cycle, low operating costs, and excellent environmental performance. 


Reachstacker Ferrari - the result of many years of work. Employees of the company did everything possible to develop the ideal unit, which has excellent performance, is reliable and causes minimal damage to the environment. Since the terminals of the manufacturer's customers are mainly located in regions with aggressive weather, the equipment is one hundred percent suitable for daily work in difficult conditions.


Sany Reach Stacker has high power, robust construction, wide visibility for the operator and is highly maneuverable. Handles 20-, 30-, 40-foot standard containers with ease. This equipment has positively proven itself and is actively purchased by the largest world companies whose activities are related to the container industry.


Selling, rental, leasing of container handling technique


The following services are available on our portal: 


Selling of container handling equipment. Now, equipment owners do not have to spend several months to find buyers and close a deal. It is enough to spend minutes to place an ad, supplement it with the necessary information and photos, and after publication, the offer will be displayed to a huge number of customers. In the future, you can additionally order the rise of ads and putting them in the top - this will significantly increase the chance of a sale.

Rental of container handling equipment. In case you need to optimize the range of existing equipment without many financial investments - the best solution is a rental service. Our project contains offers from different companies - all you have to do is choose the most suitable one and call the company representatives back, discuss all the nuances.

Leasing of container handling equipment is a great way to upgrade your fleet. It is suitable for companies that do not have enough finances to buy expensive special vehicles. The contract indicates the amount of the down payment, monthly payments. In the future, the client will have the right to buyback.


Delivery of container handling equipment in the USA and Canada


Reachstackers auction is held so that everyone can profitably conclude sales transactions at an acceptable cost and meet their expectations from cooperation. In the future, it will probably be necessary to arrange delivery to a specific destination. An ideal way out of the situation will be in cooperation with our partners-carriers. They comply with all requirements related to loading, unloading units, as well as their transportation.


The price for container handling equipment in the USA depends on the quantity of delivered technique, distance, transportation fees, and other additional services. However, delivery costs are affordable. By using the delivery service of our website, you can be sure to receive the purchased goods in time and good condition. If you have any questions - contact our support center. 


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