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General-purpose vehicles


A general-purpose car is a small farm vehicle that can perform a lot of tasks and be used in various situations. General-purpose cards can be bought in the USA in almost any configuration, so there is no problem choosing the best option. For example, customers living in the northern regions can equip the equipment with a snow blade, a salt nozzle, and a powerful heating system. For companies involved in the transport of fresh goods, the installation of refrigerated boxes is available. Firms located in tourist resort towns and carrying out transportation of people can pick up the passenger configuration and so on.


Explosion-proof versions of general-purpose vehicles can also be bought at an auction: it is ideal for special conditions where safety has a high priority. First of all, we are talking about chemicals, oil refineries, and other hazardous areas.


Popular brands of general-purpose vehicles


Alke general-purpose vehicles have been specifically designed for all applications where high levels of reliability, quality, and design are a priority. The company produces electric vehicles with a huge number of advantages, such as: 



Bobcat general-purpose vehicles are renowned for their reliable performance, uncompromising comfort and relentless passion for complex work. Regardless of whether you are on your site or working in difficult conditions, it is guaranteed to be able to cope with any tasks without any extra problems.


Kubota general-purpose vehicles perfectly move on rough terrain. They are used on farms, industrial facilities, in parks, for transporting small loads, people and so on. Consumers highly value vehicles for their exceptional performance and high level of quality.


Selling, rental, leasing of general-purpose cars 


The selling of general-purpose cars is the main service of our project. Here absolutely everyone can publish an ad and sell their equipment at a bargain price. A lot of ads are available for users who want to purchase a transport, so choosing the most reliable and productive model will not be difficult. The main thing is to study in advance the technical characteristics of the equipment, determine the appropriate option for cooperation and call the owner back to clarify the main nuances of concluding a deal.


A leasing service is also offered. Any owner of the enterprise at some point has a desire to expand his business for further development, but buying a new property requires too much money. Someone chooses to lend, but after interacting with banks it becomes clear how much more profitable and affordable leasing is.



The rental of general-purpose cars is interesting for the owners of small enterprises, which so far do not have enough money to maintain their equipment. It is much more profitable to use the rental service and save financial resources, and most importantly, continue to effectively cope with key tasks and work.


Delivery of general-purpose cars in the USA and Canada


The general-purpose vehicle auctions are in demand today. Auction is ideal for customers planning to buy cars at a bargain price. At the site, everyone will be able to buy general-purpose cars, sell them, leasing and rental are available. Moreover, you can always order delivery in the USA and Canada. High professionalism of employees will allow high-quality transportation of equipment and avoid difficulties, extra budget costs.


The price for general purpose cars in the USA and Canada is affordable. It can be slightly increased due to transportation fees. To get more detailed information on the delivery, it is recommended to contact our support center. 


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