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Horse trailers


To transport the horses, you need to use special trailers that have a unique design. We are talking about closed salons mounted on cargo chassis. There are many reasons why you might need to buy a US horse trailer. For example, often enough you need to move the animal to a new owner before traveling to the competition. It depends on the level of comfort of the equipment in what mental and physical condition the animal will be, therefore comfort, along with safety, become the starting point when the user starts choosing a van.


Popular brands of horse trailers


To buy a horse trailer at the auction and guaranteed to meet your expectations, it is recommended to pay attention to the products of the ALCOM brand, which since 2006 has been producing a wide variety of aluminum trailers of the highest quality. If at first, only 3 full-time employees worked in the company, now their number has increased several dozen times. In February 2010, a new plant opened with an area of ​​70,000 square feet. The room is optimized for the production of modern models.


When planning to buy a horse trailer, you should also focus on equipment from Featherlite. The products are equipped with an aluminum housing that is resistant to rust and has excellent welds for added strength. The technique can last a long time, and also contributes to fuel economy. The Featherlite Perfect Fit system allows you to customize the trailer following the individual needs of the client. The company has been creating trailers for the past 45 years and during this time it has become one of the leaders in its industry, offering a substantial assortment of modern models.


Those who want to order a horse trailer often choose in favor of the Hawk company, which prioritizes horse safety and comfort - it is on these principles that the emphasis is made when the creation of trailers occurs. The main asset of the brand is qualified employees with many years of experience in horse transportation. They do everything possible so that the product is constantly improved and perfectly coped with their tasks. One of the main advantages of the trailers of this brand is its reasonable cost, so every buyer can afford to buy. By the way, there is the possibility of ordering individually designed equipment, one hundred percent meeting your requirements and preferences.


Selling, rental, leasing of horse trailers


Quite often selling horse trailers requires a huge investment of time resources. However, with the help of our resources, it will be extremely easy to sell your equipment to interested customers. All that needs to be done is to publish an ad in which the condition of the trailer, its technical characteristics and other nuances are described in detail. Thousands of users will be able to familiarize themselves with the offer and, if necessary, they will contact the owner to discuss the transaction.


For individuals, the cost of the above equipment may seem too high, so renting a trailer for transporting horses is more suitable for them, accompanied by a lot of advantages, such as:



A horse trailer can also be leased. We are talking about a variety of investment activities for the acquisition of products and transferring it to a person for a certain amount per specific layer and on the conditions specified in the contract. After the expiration of the term, the client can redeem the trailer. Leasing combines the advantages of rent, credit, and installments - this is the most profitable way to buy trailers.


Delivery of horse trailers in the USA and Canada


Today, many users are interested in buying the horse trailer at the auction, where everyone has the opportunity to profitably sell or purchase the necessary equipment. After the deal is successfully concluded, you need to think about how best to transport the equipment to the United States or Canada. This is a task that only competent carriers can handle. The ideal option is cooperation with our partners, who will do everything possible to minimize delivery time and provide services at a low cost.


The price for horse trailers in the USA directly depends on the condition of the trailer, its technical characteristics and the distance to which it needs to be delivered. The delivery fees are fixed and affordable. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our support center. 


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