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Dump trailers


Transportation of various cargoes with a dump truck is a common practice. The presence in the arsenal of such equipment is a guarantee of convenience, and most importantly - the safety and security of cargo. Buying a dump truck trailer in the USA is primarily necessary for transporting bulk materials. That is why many construction companies are actively interested in these designs along with repair crews and private owners.


Before you buy a used dump truck trailer, you need to correctly determine the specific model. If you plan to transport materials with a low density, more voluminous models are selected. In the case of dense materials, the emphasis is on heavy-duty options.


Popular brands of dump trailers 


The Welton trailer dump truck is solid construction, high-quality painting, and many other advantages. Before painting, the surface is prepared by shot peening. Next, polyurethane paint having increased wear resistance is used. By the way, the manufacturer gives one of the longest guarantees for his equipment, which confirms his high level of quality and reliability.


The Bodex brand has long established itself as one of the leaders in the production of trailers. The date of the foundation of the plant in Poland was 1991. In the future, the popularity of the brand grew rapidly. Today, Bodex equipment is in demand in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, Holland, Germany, and the USA.


Those who wish to buy a dump truck at the auction, it is strongly recommended that you pay attention to the Mega brand equipment, which is of European quality, safety, has increased cross-country ability and excellent running gear. The brand offers tipper, tilt, curtain, side, curtain side, universal, heavy, special models. The equipment is often used for both domestic and foreign transportation.


Selling, rental, leasing of dump trailers


If you want to sell a dump truck trailer, you should use the services of our project. Here, all owners of the above equipment can literally in a few minutes add an ad that will contain detailed information about the offer and terms of cooperation. If you accompany the publication with photographs and videos, you will be able to find customers interested in concluding the transaction as soon as possible.


Dump trailer rental is another in-demand service. If there is a need for such equipment for a short time or if you often use it, but there is no place for storage or you do not want to carry out maintenance, then renting a trailer will be the best solution. All rental equipment is in perfect condition. Delivery to any location in the USA and Canada is possible. Additionally, an awning is proposed that protects the transported cargo from the weather and prying eyes.


To lease the dump trailers means to guarantee the expansion of production capacity. In this case, there is no need to make large investments, while guaranteeing the optimization of company expenses and the increase in its fleet. Compared to a loan or installment plan, the leasing program is more flexible and helps to reduce income tax. The deal will not affect the budget of your company.


Delivery of dump trailers in the USA and Canada


The dump trailers auction is a popular event that allows you to purchase or sell products as soon as possible. The next stage is the delivery of equipment to a specific locality. Not everyone has the appropriate driver category and is simply not able to transport bulky equipment. Moreover, it is worth understanding the configuration of the towing devices, the correctness of the hook, the turning radius, equipment and so on. To ensure unhindered transportation according to basic requirements, it is better to entrust this process to professional specialists who are obliged for: 



After using the delivery services, the price for dump trailers in the USA will be slightly increased. However, by choosing the cooperation with our shipping partners, you can be sure to get the purchased items in time and safe conditions. 


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