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Container trailers


To transport containers, it is necessary to use special trailer equipment called container ships. Thanks to the unique features of this design, it is possible to easily load and secure containers along with some other varieties of bulky products.


Before you buy container trailers in the USA, you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the specific features of their design. For example, the equipment is accompanied by a special simplified device of the cargo platform, which has no side and flooring. There is a powerful supporting frame, which serves for the installation of containers. The technology platform includes special fasteners aimed at fixing the container. Similar trailers are used for:



The US container trailer must match the size of the cargo that will be transported in it - only in this case, it will be possible to ensure safety during transportation. Some models are complemented by manipulator units aimed at loading and unloading without the involvement of special equipment. 


Popular manufacturers of the container trailers


During the production of the equipment described above, the Krampe brand does not copy the latest trends, but relies on its extensive knowledge, improving products over the years. The line of equipment is represented by a large number of different models, so it will not be difficult for users to choose the best option for themselves, which is guaranteed to cope with all the functions and tasks, which will last a long time and will certainly live up to expectations.


The history of the Schmitz Cargobull AG brand, which actively produces containers and many other trailers, began back in 1892, when its founder Heinrich Schmitz decided to expand the forge, which had been owned by the family for more than 100 years, and began production of carts. When the automobile era came near the end of the 20s of the next century, his enterprise became very promising and in the shortest possible time turned from a small workshop into a full-fledged industrial production.


Hüffermann Transportsysteme has established itself as one of the market leaders in trailers and semi-trailers. Its employees produce both the standard equipment and custom-made equipment. Trailers are characterized by a high level of quality and wear resistance, they will certainly last a long time and will perfectly cope with key tasks.


Selling, rental, leasing of container trailers


Selling of container trailers is a pretty popular practice on our portal. Already many users have been able to make sure that it is not difficult to implement their equipment here. The process itself takes just a couple of minutes. First of all, it is necessary to publish an announcement, accompany it with basic information, add photos and videos for potential customers, and then expect calls from users interested in entering into a transaction.


By renting the container trailers, you can count on significant savings in the financial resources of the company and the receipt of the equipment for a certain period. You will no longer have to service the equipment yourself, repair and monitor its condition. Now all these problems are borne by the landlord.


You can also buy a trailer for a container trailer on lease to quickly expand your production capacity. You no longer have to invest a lot of money to replenish your fleet. It is enough to make a small down payment, after which a monthly payment of a certain amount.


Delivery of container trailers in the USA and Canada


The container trailer auction is in demand not only in the USA but also in many other countries. And all because thanks to this event, there is a real opportunity to purchase or sell a trailer on favorable terms. After the decision is made to buy a container ship trailer at auction, the new owner needs to think about how to properly deliver the equipment to a specific locality. The ideal solution, in this case, is cooperation with our trusted partners, which guarantees the transportation of equipment intact and safe, and most importantly - as soon as possible. Professionals will take care of all logistical issues. The client can only expect the arrival of the trailer at the address indicated in the contract.


The price of container trailers in the USA is affordable. However, by choosing the delivery service, the price can be slightly increased due to the transportation fees, a distance of the transfer, weight, size of the carried equipment, etc. To find out more information about the delivery costs you can by contacting our support center. 


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