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Log loaders 


The US log loaders are special-purpose machinery that simplifies heavy work involving logging and woodworking enterprises. The equipment is characterized by high wear resistance and functionality, therefore it is used not only for timber transshipment but also in machine-building and metallurgical industries.


If you buy a log loader in the USA, you can count on a significant increase in productivity and accelerate the process of harvesting, transporting processed products. Since the equipment is self-propelled and equipped with additional protection from below, it does not need separate transportation to the working area. Depending on what soil to interact with, wheeled or tracked models are used.


The price of log loaders in the USA is fully justified: the equipment is used in most enterprises. Its advantages are the presence of an improved hydraulic manipulator with a reliable grip that quickly and accurately raises, lowers round materials without any damage. Another profitable acquisition - models supplemented by a wide range of grabs - they easily perform several operations related to processing logs at once.


Popular manufacturers of log loaders 


The most leading manufacturers of log loaders are considered to be the following: 


Volvo log loaders cope with the task of increasing productivity in the processing of wood in industries such as forestry, wood processing industry or pulp and paper. Models are easily complemented by attachments - reliable grips that can rotate 360 ​​degrees with a chain or rigid clamp of logs mounted on a loader, which allows you to perform almost any task. Many models of equipment from this manufacturer were created based on a front-end bucket loader and were supplemented with a boom with high elevations, so they are suitable for creating higher stacks.

Kesla timber loaders are produced by a Finnish company that has been developing forestry technology and producing high-quality equipment for about 50 years. The company manufactures equipment covering key stages of logging and transshipment of wood. It is involved not only in forestry but also in the fuel and energy sector, in ports and ships. Brand units are exported to dozens of different countries of the world.

John Deere loaders easily withstand harsh forest conditions. Its design implies the presence of a strong frame, powerful tracks, a swivel mechanism with an enlarged bearing, which allows to extend the operational life and reduce downtime. If necessary, the hydraulic fan is turned on - its reverse function makes the machine more efficient.


Selling, rental, leasing of log loaders


Timber loaders for sale on our portal is an opportunity to profitably sell the new or used equipment. Publication of announcements is available both to individuals and owners of large companies. After placing an offer, potential customers who are interested in a particular model and want to know more about it will contact you.


A forest loader rental is a highly demanded service among small enterprises, which allows saving the budget and at the same time replenishing the fleet, quickly completing major projects. To get the equipment, you need to call back the manager of one of the companies and get acquainted with the nuances of cooperation: having specified all the main points, the manager will announce the cost of the rental.


Leasing of log loaders is a form of a long-term lease, which implies the right to purchase the equipment at the end of a certain period. It is enough for the client to meet the minimum requirements and make a small down payment, after which he will personally see the benefits of this service.


Delivery of log loaders in Canada and the USA


Every year more and more often there is a need to deliver large-sized equipment over long distances. Some people prefer to engage in such a process on their own, but they encounter a huge number of difficulties in the form of the need to issue permits, draw up a route, and so on. To get rid of all these problems, it is recommended to contact our partners, who for many years have been transporting equipment and performing their work at the highest level.


A log loader auction is also available on the portal, the task of which is to allow customers to purchase and sell units at a bargain price, agree on a fruitful business partnership and conclude the necessary transactions as soon as possible.


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