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US forwarders are a type of transport that efficiently performs logging operations according to the Scandinavian assortment method and is included in the category of skidding equipment. Often, this equipment is used with a harvester. When an assortment ready for further transportation appears, the unit collects it, sorts it, and transports it to the place of procurement.


Forwarders can be bought in the United States with different specifications that have a direct impact on the level of performance. In general, the units differ in type advantages:




Komatsu forwarders have established themselves as sufficiently durable equipment that perfectly combines traction along with carrying capacity and cross-country ability. This helps to increase the productivity of logging, operator comfort in different climatic conditions. The technique perfectly demonstrates itself in wild thickets, in conditions of high humidity, off-road, and so on. Even the smallest model in the line is distinguished by the presence of an ultra-strong frame in the structure, a turbodiesel engine with advanced control systems, endurance, and reliability.


Ponsse forwarders have enough power to handle complex terrain. Their unsurpassed properties are in the optimal ratio of weight and load capacity, a small turning radius, dimensions, thanks to which the load on each wheel is easily distributed. The presence of extremely high traction is a guarantee of excellent comfort and efficiency, even when moving long distances. The lineup includes many productive units that perfectly cope with their tasks.


Logset forwarders have proven themselves exclusively in a positive way. Their advantages are associated with:




Sale, rent, lease forwarders


If you want to sell forwarders and gain profit, we strongly recommend using the services of our project, where the ads can be posted for free! The registered users of the website will be able to browse in the catalog and see your offers. Additionally, you can add photos, videos, contact details, models description, technical characteristics, any other information that can help to attract potential clients. 


Forwarder rental is in demand among many farmers and entrepreneurs. Its main advantage is to save the company's budget and the absence of costs for maintenance, equipment repair. The landlord does all this.


Leasing of forwarders becomes real salvation for those companies that still do not have enough finance to buy expensive equipment. To expand the equipment fleet, it is enough to conclude a leasing transaction, which implies a long-term rental of units with the right to redeem them in the future.


Delivery of forwarders in the USA and Canada


If a user plans to buy or sell forwarders in the USA, he should immediately think about how to deliver the purchased goods to specific locations in the United States and Canada. The users of our advertising platform may use the additional service provided by the reliable transportation company – the delivery. The company is responsible for issuing all necessary documents and permits, working out the route, organize the secure transfer of the cargoes. By choosing to cooperate with our shipping partners, you can be sure to get the load in time and good condition. 


Auctions are held on our project. The main task of the auctions is to allow entrepreneurs to buy, sell equipment as profitably as possible. To get more detailed information, contact our support center. 


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