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Forestry equipment 


To carry out the forestry operations effectively, the use of special equipment is required. Such special equipment is considered to be more effective than manual labor or the use of vehicles that are not designed for these tasks at all. For example, to transport scaffolding, it is recommended to purchase special trailers that can fix logs reliably. A standard trailer will not cope with this job. Modern or used forestry equipment in the USA is ready to experience enormous loads daily. With the help of these units, the main tasks can easily be carried out in the shortest possible time.


When choosing a technique, emphasis should be placed on the manufacturer. The ideal option is to purchase products from popular and well-established brands. As practice shows, such equipment rarely breaks down and properly performs the basic functions.


Popular manufacturers of forestry equipment 


Ventura Forestry Equipment is a production of a Spanish company involved in the production of agricultural, municipal machinery and forestry choppers, which are in demand all over the world. The company was founded in 1953: since then it regularly participates in specialized exhibitions in different countries and constantly surprises customers with revolutionary developments. The creation of units involves the use of modern, modernized technologies, conducting preliminary tests in aggressive conditions. The lineup is constantly updated, which greatly facilitates the choice of the best option.


Teknamotor forestry equipment is a combination of many years of experience and traditions that have led the company to a leading position. Brand employees are engaged in the production of:





Pilkemaster forestry equipment is mainly represented by woodcutters manufactured by Finnish specialists. Due to the continuous improvement of products and taking into account customer wishes, the company has patented a lot of innovations and received a large number of awards. Pilkemaster woodcutters are made exclusively by professional craftsmen who have produced about 15,000 units in 20 years. Choosing this equipment, you can count on getting a mechanism that meets basic needs and performs work in the shortest possible time.


Selling, rental, leasing of forestry equipment 


If you are interested in selling of forestry equipment, we recommend you to join our project and publish an advertisement. A great number of users will be able to see it. In the case of the competent execution of the proposal, it will be possible to find the buyer as soon as possible and proceed to discuss the details of the future transaction: to stipulate the payment method, delivery option, and some other important points.


The rental of forestry equipment with all its positive aspects is in great demand. First of all, the company's budget is saved, because it is much more profitable to rent units than to purchase them from scratch. It also saves energy, time, money on the maintenance of equipment. As practice shows, maintenance along with the repair of broken parts requires a solid investment. When renting, you can avoid such problems.


The above-mentioned devices are sold at too high a cost, which is why beginner organizations cannot buy them. A real way out of this situation is the leasing of forestry equipment. A similar service provides the opportunity for long-term rental of the equipment and the right to purchase it after a certain time. Minimum requirements are presented to the client, a small initial payment is required. Leasing provides tax incentives and many other indisputable advantages that contribute to the development of your business and significant financial savings.



Delivery of forestry equipment in the USA and Canada


Those who wish to buy forestry equipment in the United States should understand that after the conclusion of the transaction they will have to deal with the issue of delivering bulky cargo to a particular locality in the United States and Canada. To have secure transportation, it is better to use the services of our shipping partners. In this case, the price of forestry equipment in the United States will be slightly increased, but the client will not have to spend time obtaining permits, drawing up routes, loading, unloading equipment and so on.


Auctions are also available on the "USA-FARMERS" portal, where you can sell or buy forestry equipment. Auction is an excellent opportunity to buy and sell units on the most favorable conditions without the need for interaction with intermediaries, often winding up the cost several times.


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