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Cleaning wood from knots is a rather complicated process, the implementation of which requires certain knowledge and skills. And if small areas can be processed manually or with a petrol-electric motor tool, then serious work can not do without special-purpose equipment. In this case, you will need to buy delimbers in the United States.


In the process of knot removal, a huge set of knives takes part, capable of quickly and accurately eliminating unnecessary parts, while producing a minimum of chips. Depending on which model is used, the equipment can be used both in the warehouse and on the site itself. Units do not need special conditions of detention, almost all models can be used year-round.


US bunker-type delimbers are involved in large-scale production. They can cope with the processing of trees in bundles and provide a strong flow. In addition to standard models, there are also improved ones for bucking whips for assortments. As for the long delimbing and cross-cutting machines, they perform the basic complex of work, preparing the wood for further transportation.


Popular brands 


Kesla delimbers are manufactured by a Finnish company founded in 1960. She also manufactures harvester heads, forestry equipment for tractors and cranes. The delimbing units are equipped with high-quality materials, their design is made with the latest technology and embodies the experience gained by the company over the decades. Engineers are required to listen to the wishes and requirements of customers so that they receive effective mechanisms that properly solve the necessary tasks.


SP Maskiner delimbers are manufactured by a company founded in 1978 in the village of Lillarp, ​​which is located in southern Sweden. Initially, the brand positioned itself as a service and repair service for enterprises involved in the forest industry. Over the years, the qualifications of specialists only grew, so it was decided to establish our production of forestry equipment. The company was able to become famous for its unconventional approach, the willingness of staff to do everything possible to satisfy customers.


Log Max delimbers are developed by a Swedish company that has been designing and manufacturing this equipment since 1980. Today, brand engineers manage to develop several hundred models a year, of which about 70 are exported to the countries of North and South America, Russia, and many European countries.


Selling, rental, leasing of delimbers 


To make profitable sales of delimber machines in the USA, it is recommended to use the services of our portal and publish the relevant ads here. If you accompany your offer with the technical characteristics of the equipment, add photos and videos, leave your contact details, it is guaranteed to be able to attract a lot of customers and agree with them on fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.


Renting the equipment is a great option especially for those companies and enterprises that cannot afford the full purchase of expensive equipment and are forced to spend too much time and resources on the work. By taking the units for hire, the level of production and, as a result, the company's revenues will instantly increase.


Leasing is another popular service that attracts a huge number of entrepreneurs around the world. Its essence lies in the long-term rental of equipment with the right to purchase it after a certain period.


Delivery of delimbing machines in Canada and the USA


When delimbing machines auction on our portal comes to its logical conclusion, the users begin to think about the best ways to deliver equipment to certain destinations. To guarantee that you meet your expectations and carry the goods safe and sound, you need to contact trusted companies whose employees will organize the following:



The price for delimbing machines in the USA on our project is quite acceptable because here buyers and sellers interact directly with each other and are not forced to turn to intermediaries for services. If you have additional questions, please contact support and get informative answers from qualified managers.


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