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Feller machines 


One of the most important stages of harvesting is felling trees. This process is extremely dangerous and time-consuming, so to process medium and large areas, it is necessary to buy feller machines in the USA.


The above technique, which properly cuts down tree trunks and stacks them in bundles, refers to tracked or wheeled vehicles. The main tool is a manipulator-stand, exciting tree and equipped with a circulation saw. Dimensional feller machines in the USA can easily handle several trees at once, which greatly increases the level of productivity.


The price for feller machines in the USA is one of the main criteria for choosing the equipment, however, it is recommended to focus on other points, such as:



Famous manufacturers of feller machines


Barko feller machines are represented by tracked and wheeled models. Their main features are sturdy construction and durability, wear-resistant components, excellent lifting power, low-pressure hydraulic system and engines with a large margin of safety. The units are quite easy to maintain, they are economical, run as soon as possible, perfectly demonstrate themselves in any condition.


Kesla feller machines are manufactured by a popular company that has been marketing and developing logging and material transportation technologies for many years. Engineers are well aware of customer needs, so they produce equipment that effectively copes with various tasks and is in great demand in the industry. A wide range of models greatly facilitates the selection of a suitable option.


CAT fellers have a smooth operation of the hydraulic system, increased engine power, the most comfortable operator's seat, and excellent visibility. Models are characterized by a compact turning radius and were developed to provide medium and high performance during the execution of a continuous and selective tube in the terrain of rugged type. Cars can chop both small and large trees.




Selling, leasing, rental of feller machines 


The catalog available on our portal contains a huge number of offers from sellers from different spheres - enterprises or individuals. With us, selling of feller machines is not going to cause difficulties. It is enough to correctly place the announcement, supplement it with the necessary information and very soon clients interested in cooperation will contact you - they will learn about the nuances of cooperation and decide on the conclusion of a transaction.


Logging involves the use of a variety of techniques, among which felling machines occupy a special place. We are talking about highly specialized equipment for felling trees. The cost of these units is solid, so not every company has enough finance to buy them. The real way out of the situation will be the rental of feller machinery. The user can rent the equipment for any period and significantly save the budget.


The acquisition of modern forestry equipment is an economically viable process, due to which the labor productivity is increased and the level of product quality is improved. In this regard, feller machines leasing has become very popular in recent years. Using a special program of additional financing is aimed at a rational investment of funds. Indeed, to conclude a leasing agreement, you do not have to take a huge part of the budget from the company's turnover.


Delivery of feller machines in the USA and Canada


To get the purchased goods delivered in a safe condition, we recommend cooperating with our shipping partners. The indisputable advantages of interacting with trusted carriers include the following:



There are filler machine auctions available for the registered users, which allow you to sell or purchase units on favorable terms without the interaction of the third parties. To get more detailed information, please, contact our support center. 


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