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Ship equipment


The US ship equipment includes the mechanisms of the special purpose, that is used to maintain the ship performance. Such mechanisms must meet the most stringent requirements: demonstrate excellent performance, have high strength and maximum protection against corrosion. This special equipment has a direct impact on the safety of the ship and the crew. There are many varieties of ship equipment, such as:



The selection of the above-mentioned mechanisms is carried out depending on the operational conditions. Before purchasing the ship equipment in the USA, first, it is necessary to be sure of the sufficient resistance to the aggressive conditions of the devices. The classification of the units depends on the design of the vessel: yachts, boats, passenger ships, minesweepers require the use of different special equipment.  


Popular brands of ship equipment


Caterpillar ship equipment is considered to be one of the most sought after in the market. The company actively manufactures marine diesel engines with a medium and high speed, generator sets and auxiliary units. Marine Engineers at Caterpillar Marine Power Systems always adheres to customer requirements and preferences, regardless of which customers ship or where they are. Global support is offered by dealers operating in almost every country in the world. 


Cummins ship equipment is It is actively used in the relevant industry since it is properly adapted for installation without additional engineering modifications and is one hundred percent compliant with the operational requirements, that is confirmed by international certificates. Thanks to modern production technologies, it is possible to take into account the individual characteristics of each order, to minimize fuel consumption and the emission of harmful substances, to optimize weight and size and performance.


Volvo ship equipment  – belongs to the range of the products of the main engine supplier for the most difficult operating conditions, which cannot do without powerful and reliable characteristics. Special courts and tugs perform extremely demanding tasks, so longevity is a key factor for them. Low fuel consumption, extended service intervals make the units one of the best on the market.


Sale, rent, lease of ship equipment


Selling of ship equipment may become a very simple and quick process if you register on our website and publish an announcement on the implementation of mechanisms here. Placing an offer will take no more than a few minutes: by adding a photo and description you can attract a huge number of clients who are interested in the cooperation.


Rental of ship equipment – is a good solution for enterprises that urgently need a rental device. This offer is characterized by a large number of advantages. For example, you do not need to repair mechanisms and provide technical support, spend time finding a place for permanent storage - this is the responsibility of the landlord company. 


Leasing of ship equipment represents the modern and sought-after financial solution, thanks to which the production of the facilities are modernized, and the entire work of the enterprise is optimized. It is a long-term lease with the right to buy out after a certain period.


Delivery of ship equipment in the USA and Canada


The auction can be an ideal platform for everyone to buy or sell ship equipment. After the successful completion of the transaction, you will need to decide how to deliver the bulky cargo to a specific locality. We strongly recommended you contact a specialized company that has been transporting various units for several years. In this case, you can count on a lot of advantages:



The price of ship equipment in the USA can be increased due to delivery costs. The price for delivery depends on many factors, such as weight and sizes of the equipment, a form of cooperation, additional services, transportation fees, etc. 


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