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Oil and gas equipment 


Oil and gas equipment in the USA belongs to the group of the specialized technique that is used for drilling, well repair, production, transportation, processing of the obtained raw materials. Such units have typical design features that distinguish them from construction mechanisms. For example, oil and gas products are more reliable and durable, since they are usually used in the most aggressive conditions.  

The equipment mentioned above is often subjected to maximum loads and is used in harsh conditions, so its service life is equal to tens of years. The devices manufactured in the early 80s are still operational. However, modern products are more functional: one mechanism can simultaneously perform several tasks at once. With the use of computer technologies, it is possible to provide a high level of quality and simplicity of usage of the oil and gas equipment. 


The most popular manufacturers are aware of the main operational nuances, so the most loaded elements are made of special designs and the strongest and most durable steel. As a result, the exploitation period of the mechanisms is increased.


Popular manufacturers of oil and gas equipment 


Cat oil and gas equipment is in demand mainly due to the high level of durability and quality standards of the devices. These properties have made the Caterpillar technique extremely common in the oil and gas industry. The Cat devices are capable of functioning in the most severe conditions. 


Komatsu oil and gas equipment was recognized by the world's leading experts as the high-quality one. The specialists use innovative techniques and solutions while producing the devices of the brand. By purchasing the Komatsu models it is possible to reduce the production costs, optimize the quality management system, and most importantly - the mechanisms are productive and reliable, meet the expectations of the engineers.  


Linсoln oil and gas equipment is mainly represented by lubricants and tools of the highest technical level. The main office of the company is located in Saint Louis, state Missouri, USA. The trademark has been existing for over 100 years and managed to gain the trust of the clients and became one of the leading brands in the sphere of manufacturing of the specialized equipment. The machinery produced by the Lincoln company meets all quality standards. Except for the production of the oil and gas equipment the company is focused on the manufacturing of the devices applied in energy, mining, and metallurgical industries. 


Sale, rent, lease of oil and gas equipment 


Selling of oil and gas equipment can quite simple provided you use the services of the advertising platform AGRONET. On the website, you may find thousands of publishing ads that are updated every day. For register users, it will take only a few seconds to post the advertisement which can be added by the description of the technique, technical characteristics, photos, videos, any other material that can be helpful to attract potential customers.  


Rental of oil and gas equipment is an alternative decision, available for those entrepreneurs who own small companies with limited budget funds. The main advantage of taking the equipment for rent is the absence of necessity to conduct repair and maintenance of the machinery as well as no need to organize the place for storage of the specialized equipment. 


Leasing of the oil and gas equipment is an effective financial solution targeted at the optimization of the work of the whole enterprise as well as the modernization of the industrial capacities. A lot of new options are given to those who lease the equipment for the long term with the right of getting it in the ownership in the future. Both small companies and large enterprises find leasing a great solution for business optimization. 


Delivery of oil and gas equipment in the USA and Canada


The entrepreneurs who wish to buy oil and gas equipment in the USA should be aware of the fact that to transport the specialized equipment to the site it is better to apply for professional services of delivery. Our website offers the clients to use the delivery service realized by the reliable company that is responsible for the preparation of the supporting documentation, working out the transportation route and delivery of the purchased machinery in time in a safe condition. The main advantages of using the delivery service of the company are:   



The price for oil and gas equipment in the USA can be increased due to the delivery costs. The price for delivery depends on the sizes, weight, and type of equipment, the distance, and other peculiarities. On our web platform, the auctions are available where you can sell, buy the specialized technique and attached mechanisms and details. For more information, contact our support center. 


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