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Off-road dump trucks 


Off-road dump truck is the truck in the form of a trailer or semi-trailer, capable of self-discharge. During the self-discharging process, the hydraulic actuator is used. To buy off-road dump truck in the USA is useful for the realization of the following activities:   



The customers often want to buy the used off-road dump trucks to deliver the loads at distances. The superior capacity of the equipment allows you to handle solid volumes of goods and streamline transportation costs. 


Famous brands of off-road dump trucks


Volvo - is the Swiss brand, which started to produce passenger cars in 1927. Nowadays, the company is mainly focused on the manufacturing of freight vehicles. Volvo off-road dump truck is characterized by high load-lifting capacity and ability to function even in the most aggressive surroundings.   


MAN off-road dump truck is in demand in the market and is considered to be the leader in many countries of the world. The MAN technique is functional and maximum comfort to handle. The MAN brand guarantees effective work and high productivity. 


Hitachi road-off dump trucks were first developed to provide the maximum productivity of work in various spheres of industry. In the auctions, you can find a wide range of machines by this brand. Modern models are distinguished due to their positive characteristic features as over the creation of these trucks has been working the best-experienced technicians and engineers. The AC traction electric drive system and a powerful electrodynamic braking system allows achieving excellent controllability, high stable driving characteristics and increased productivity. 


Sale, rent, lease of off-road dump trucks 


Selling of off-road dump trucks is not an easy process, sometimes it requires a lot of time and efforts. To sell the off-road dump truck more quickly and get the sufficient profit it is recommended to use our web portal where it is possible to post the commercial ads for free. On the website the registered users can add the detailed description and photos of the model to be sold, thus attracting potential customers. The ads are posted in a few clicks. The clients will contact you directly after they come across your publishing ads in the catalog. 


Rental of off-road dump trucks - is an excellent option for those companies that require purchasing the special equipment to be used on the construction sites. The price for off-road dump trucks in the USA depends on the rental period and technical characteristics of the model. For more detailed information we recommend you to contact the owners of the off-road trucks directly.  


Leasing off-road dump trucks - is also a popular service that is used by many small companies with limited budgets. The expenses are minimal and the productivity is high. The clients are offered a wide range of machines so that he can find the one he exactly wants!  


Delivery of off-road dump trucks in the USA and Canada


There are more and more customers who are eager to buy the off-road dump trucks on the auction. The auctions are available on our portal. However, after the purchase is made, another problem may arise - the delivery. The matter is that these special machines are large and it is quite difficult to get them on the construction object. On our website, there is an additional service we offer you to use - the delivery service. Delivery is realized by the reliable transportation company that will organize the transfer of the purchased equipment directly to the indicated place in a safe condition and with all the supporting documents. Using our delivery service, you can be sure to use the technique immediately after it is delivered at the place. There are the main advantages of the delivery company you should be aware of:   



Thus, anyone who wishes to buy/sell/rent/lease off-road dump trucks are welcome to register on our website, where you can do it in a few clicks. The registration procedure is simple. All the ads will be stored in the catalog so you can easily find new clients and make profitable deals. The additional service of delivery will guarantee the safe and quick getting of the purchased equipment to the place. In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us! 


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