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Mining equipment 


Mining equipment in the USA was initially developed to be used in the mining industry. The equipment is characterized by a high level of reliability and comfort. The cabins of the machines are equipped with special features of microclimate, set to maintain the comfort of the operator. 


High reliability allows the usage of the above units on the surface: in metallurgical, engineering, chemical, energy, construction industries. The price for mining equipment in the USA is higher compared to the standard machinery, however, the strength, wear resistance, the efficiency of the models makes the equipment economically viable.


Popular manufacturers of mining equipment 


Komatsu mining equipment is produced by the world's leading manufacturer of the industrial technique used for construction, gas and oil, mining industry, etc. The company started its activities in 1921. Over 100 years of the existence of the brand, the company has run about 188 enterprises throughout the globe. The main office is located in Tokyo. The process of equipment manufacturing involves the implementation of high precision machining complex, instrumentation and the latest ultrasonic flaw detectors.  


Atlas mining equipment belongs to the group of industrial products that occupy leading positions in the creation of the specialized technique along with industrial tools and devices, compressors, expanders, and air handling systems. The company offers the implementation of innovative solutions, effective for the increase in productivity. The brand was established in 1873. The main office of the company is located in Stockholm with its enterprises functioning in 170 countries of the world.    


Paus mining equipment was developed to provide meet the quality standards in the sphere of the mining industry and construction. To carry out the full-fledged operation in underground conditions it is necessary to create the machine concepts, designed according to customer needs. The company's employees put all their efforts into the maintenance and operation of the equipment to prolong the durability term of the equipment, make it more reliable and productive. The implementation of innovational approaches makes the Paus equipment the leader in the world's market. Paus machines are always in demand.  


Sale, rent, lease of mining equipment 


On our website, the registered users may fully benefit from the following services


Selling of mining equipment. Selling mining equipment is a time-consuming process that requires many efforts. However, we offer you a great solution to speed up the selling process and get income. If you register on our advertising platform, you will get access to all options of the site. You can easily post commercial ads and find new clients. The potential customers will contact you directly to discuss all the details of the future deal.  

The rental of mining equipment becomes more and more popular. Many of the entrepreneurs find it reasonable to get specialized equipment for rent. By renting the mentioned equipment it is possible to save money and increase the productivity of the industrial business. Renting the equipment allows saving thousands of dollars spent on repair, maintenance, and purchasing of the new expensive devices.   

Leasing of mining equipment is a good option for beginner entrepreneurs who own small companies with a limited budget. To lease the mining equipment there is no need to look for investors. After signing a leasing agreement, the equipment will be handled for the usage of the client with an affordable monthly cost to be paid. Leasing allows getting the goods in the ownership of the client in the future. 


Delivery of mining equipment in the USA and Canada


When you decide to buy the mining equipment in the USA, first you should choose the model that will meet all your claims. Before making the deal, study all technical characteristics of the chosen device, the condition of the equipment and the availability of supporting documentation. The next step is the question of transportation. On our website, the users are offered to use the delivery service in the USA and Canada. The service of delivery is realized by the reliable transportation company within the territories of the mentioned countries. The company guarantees that you would get the purchased products on time. The company also obliges to prepare all the necessary permissive documents, thus the client may start using the machinery immediately after he receives it.  


The auction is an excellent opportunity for everyone eager to buy or sell mining equipment. The main advantage of the auction is the absence of third parties. On the auction, the clients contact directly with the sellers. Auctions are available on our web portal.  


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