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Drilling equipment 


Drilling equipment in the USA is widely used when conducting geological-engineering works. Drills are used to get oil and gas extracted, water supply, communications mounted and so on. The specialized equipment is used for performing the drilling works. Drilling devices can be of two types: stationary and mobile.  


The stationary drills can easily reach the depth up to a few kilometers. The equipment is professional and simple concerning installation and exploitation. The stationary devices are characterized by large sizes and delivered to the site in parts, then is being assembled. For the fulfillment of simple tasks, it is also possible to buy drilling equipment of smaller sizes. Some manufacturers produce models with cabin sizes that are equal to a small car. As for the manpower resources - two people are needed to install and launch the drills. The same type of drilling facility is used for building wells underwater in summer houses.    


The choice of drilling devices depends on the types of works that are planned to be conducted. For instance, to extract the minerals, you will need to purchase professional stationary or mobile equipment. 


Popular types of drills 


The best types of drills are considered to be the following: 


Soilmec drilling equipment is produced by the world's leading brand that has started its production in 1969 in Italy. Over the years of the existence of the brand, the company managed to establish its products as the leading equipment in the world's trade market.  Today the range of equipment produced by the company includes drilling rigs, casing machines and drilling complexes for cranes, pumps for concrete and related tools with accessories.  

Vermeer drilling equipment is the second popular brand in the market. The corporation has been occupying the trade-leading position in the sphere of the drilling industry for more than 20 years. Due to the powerful devices, the equipment is recommended for use to fulfill the most complicated tasks. The main advantage of the drills is their capability to interact with different types of soil. The productivity level of the equipment is high. Vermeer drilling machines are proven to be durable and reliable.   

Hanjin drilling equipment is in demand among the customers. The equipment is produced by the large world's leading company that exports its drilling devices to more than 70 countries in the world. The equipment perfectly copes with geothermal drilling, oil and gas well drilling. Drilling machines go along with the supporting documentation and meets the quality standards. 


Sale, rent, lease of drilling equipment 


On our website, it is possible to make a successful purchase or sale drilling equipment. The registered users can easily post their ads with a detailed description of the model, type, technical characteristics, etc. The sellers may quickly find new clients who will be interested in buying the suggested devices. On the web portal, there is a catalog that is available for all the registered users who may find both the new equipment and the used one.  


In case if your company can not afford to buy specialized professional equipment, we recommend using the rental service. Rental of drilling equipment is a perfect way to minimize the expenses and finish the working process. 


Leasing of drilling equipment - is taking the equipment for rent for a long period with the right to get the leased equipment in the ownership in the future. Leasing allows using the technique immediately after signing the agreement with minimum financial investments.  


Delivery of drilling equipment in the USA and Canada


Drilling equipment can be sold or bought in the auction. Auctions are popular among the customers and sellers as they help to set business connections, find new clients and make successful deals on favorable terms. When buying the drilling equipment it is recommended to use the additional service of delivery, as the drilling machines have the specific size characteristics and it is rather difficult to transfer them to the working place. On our website, the users are offered to use the delivery service which is realized by the reliable transportation company that will organize the delivery of the purchased equipment to the indicated place in a safe condition and short terms. The company guarantees to provide all the supporting permits and documents. Thus, the customers may start using the drilling devices immediately after acceptance.   


The price for drilling equipment in the USA depends on the transportation fees, sizes of the machines, the distance of the transfer, etc. The delivery fees are not high. For more detailed information - contact the support center. 


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