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Construction machinery for sale 


The US construction machinery belongs to the category of technical means of transport including the machines and mechanisms of special use. The design and development of the construction machinery are aimed at facilitating working functions and increasing work productivity on the construction site. The use of construction machinery increases the efficiency of the entire production process. 


When considering the construction machinery, first of all, we should mention the transportation means as the construction equipment is used for loads transportation. The sphere and specificity of the construction work influence the structure of machines and mechanisms, technical parameters, sizes, and other factors. 

Popular models of construction equipment 


Today it is quite easy to find and buy the construction equipment. There is a great variety of different products on the market both international brands and local. However, there are some manufacturers who are focused on the production of only one type of construction machinery, for instance, the construction machinery or road construction machinery. The large companies produce the equipment to be used for different purposes. There are the most popular models of the construction machinery that can be found nowadays: 


Caterpillar. The company’s brand is CAT. This is an American company that produces a wide range of equipment for many large organizations as well as the small firms and companies targeted at getting the equipment for rent. The selling of the construction equipment is of this brand also brings efficient profits. Millions of customers find the machines of this brand of good quality and worth buying.  

Komatsu. The Komatsu brand has been producing construction equipment for many years. The Company was founded in 1917 and first started its activity in Tokyo. The Komatsu brand is also producing military machinery: tanks, howitzers, bulldozers. Apart from the military equipment, the company is mainly oriented at the production of excavators, mining trucks, wheel loaders, gadders, etc.   

John Deere. If you wish to buy the construction equipment in the USA you should consider one of the leading companies in the American markets - John Deere. The brand was established in 1827. Up to the present days, the company continues to produce tractors, excavators, fork-lifts, gadders, agricultural equipment. The popularity of the brand is gained due to the implementation of innovational technologies and ideas. 

Sale, leasing, rental of construction equipment 


On our Website, people often post purchasing ads of equipment used in industrial, commercial and utility spheres. All the models have got certificates and technical documentation. After purchasing the equipment unit, the customer receives the full set of documents allowing him to use the purchased machinery.  

The price of construction equipment directly depends on the technical characteristics of the specific machine, its quality, delivery service, etc. To get into more details, you should contact the seller. 


Leasing of construction equipment - is a great opportunity to obtain modern machines for long term usage without many investments. The total amount can be paid step by step, according to the pre-agreed schedule and terms. Leasing is a good option for those who start their business and also for those entrepreneurs who have a growing business and are eager to save money. 


Rental of construction equipment is a popular service in the sphere of the construction business. The technique, mentioned above, is used in construction, rural, municipal, mining and many other industries. The rental services provide the possibility of increasing production without solid investments. When taking equipment for rent, you could be sure the rental expenses would be covered quite soon.

Delivery of the construction equipment in Canada and the USA


Construction machinery auctions become more and more popular in America. The clients may purchase all the necessary equipment at favourable prices. On our Website, the rental, leasing, and sale of construction equipment options are available for the users. There is an additional Delivery option. The technique is delivered throughout Canada and the USA in short terms. The delivery costs are reasonable.     


The total price for the construction equipment in the USA is estimated after the client confirms all the options of the purchase and provides our specialists with the detailed information about the goods to be delivered. The service specialists work out the optimal logistics scheme with the indications of time and terms. 

You can buy or rent the construction equipment in a few clicks, by visiting our Website!


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