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Trucks in the USA


Today, trucks can be confidently called the most important means of road transport, which allows the modern economy and national economy to function properly. You can buy a truck in the USA in several varieties: each option is suitable for certain tasks.


The main types of trucks


Before buying a truck, you would better get familiarized with the popular varieties of the vehicles:

Tank truck. Tank trucks belong to the category of cargo transport, which is supplemented by a tank for transporting liquid substances. The tank itself is closed, it is not only transported, but also stored for a short time. Tankers have a wide range of applications and are often used for short-term storage, transportation and dispensed dispensing of liquid products. Typically, this transport carries light petroleum products, gas, oil, bitumen, cement, food technical and aggressive fluids.

Cargo van. Cargo van is a car having a closed or open all-metal body, which is connected to the driver's cab. Depending on what cargo is transported, the roof may have a standard or increased height. Such trucks used in the USA and are very convenient, safe, reliable and affordable.

Flatbed trucks. A flatbed truck is a type of transport used for transporting the oversized cargo and goods that do not need special storage conditions. The dimensions of the machine directly depend on the type of chassis. Different models may include gates and awnings to facilitate loading and unloading and protect the transported cargo from destructive external influences.

Tractors. A tractor is the ground vehicle that efficiently transports, tows trailers, semi-trailers, and other non-self-propelled land trucks. In most cases, tractors are used when construction work is underway.


Famous models of trucks and manufacturers


Recently, more and more people prefer to buy a Mercedes truck. Oversized vehicles of this brand are in great demand around the world. The most popular models are Actros, Atego, Axor. Mercedes-Benz Actros, for example, includes a turbocharged diesel engine rated at 320 to 600 horsepower. There is also an automatic transmission. The machine is used both at construction sites and for transporting goods over long distances.

The second popular types of trucks are Volvo trucks, known for their high level of reliability. Such cars have established themselves as reliable assistants in any business. Special attention should be paid to the Volvo FH main tractor, the power unit of which is endowed with 750 horsepower.

A great number of people involved in the agricultural field, wish to buy a truck of the brand MAN. The machines have a reliable and durable design, excellent technical and operational characteristics. The technique easily copes with the problems in many economic and industrial fields, is actively used in aggressive conditions. A very popular model is the MAN TGS 6 × 6. We are talking about an all-wheel-drive truck tractor that can carry up to 90 tons of cargo. It is characterized by the best technical and operational parameters and high traffic.


«Usa-Farmer» - Favorable conditions for purchasing and selling of the trucks 


Many entrepreneurs, who are actively involved in the transportation of products, are interested in buying trucks in the USA on the most favorable terms and at affordable costs. The advertising platform "AGRONET" is reliable assistance for making profitable deals. The website has positively established itself and is popular among many users. On the portal, it is easy to post commercial ads and find potential clients. The main advantages of the platform are:   


Thus, you know now exactly where to sell the truck or purchase it without wasting time. Selling of trucks in the USA is possible under a safe transaction - in this case, both parties will be sure that they will not be deceived. The delivery service, available on the website, allows transportation of the purchased goods to any place within the territory of the USA and Canada. 


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