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The US tractor unit is a self-propelled truck, the main purpose of which is to transport various cargoes, non-self-propelled mechanisms, trailers, and semi-trailers. This technique got its name because of the mechanism used to connect the tractor and the transported object. This mechanism is a saddle or fifth wheel coupling.


Many entrepreneurs want to buy tractors in the USA. The reason for such popularity of the machine is clear: it has good cross-country ability, power, and other excellent technical characteristics, it is used in various fields. Since the truck easily develops high speed and there is a place for the driver to rest in it, it is often used to transport cargo or other equipment over long distances.


Compared with the standard equipment, the used tractor units have many advantages. The main among them is a capacious capacity with high efficiency. Despite its relatively low weight, the equipment easily copes with the transportation of solid mass cargo. Moreover, the machines are suitable for long loads, which significantly reduces the cost of transportation.


Popular manufacturers of tractors


According to statistics, the MAN tractors are in demand in various business sectors. The truck tractors are actively purchased by manufacturing enterprises, government agencies, logistics, and commercial organizations. They are in demand among freight carriers from around the world, as they have a reliable design, a high level of comfort and safety, as well as a productive engine, excellent technical and operational parameters. Trucks transport a wide range of goods on local and long-distance routes and are sometimes even involved in difficult conditions.


Scania tractors were created as a result of many years of research and development. The new truck lineup has significantly expanded the company's lineup. Models have become more efficient, multi-functional, productive, reliable. They fully meet the requirements of customers and perfectly cope with their key tasks. According to the manufacturer, together with their saddle equipment, they will be able to carry out the work more economically and profitably, regardless of which sphere the transport will be used in.


By purchasing an Iveco tractor unit you can make a successful investment in a high level of quality and reliability. Those who wish to enjoy the benefits of a powerful and reliable large-capacity truck that is guaranteed to last a long time without repair interventions must choose favor of the products of this brand. Models are characterized by a large number of undeniable advantages, such as: 



Sale, rent, lease of tractors


The selling of tractors is quite popular among the companies that want to purchase an efficient and productive vehicle for the rapid transportation of bulky cargo at any distance. On our portal, to implement the technology, it's enough to publish the commercial ads, accompanying it with information, photos, videos, leaving contacts so that other users can immediately call back and find out all the details about the model they are interested in.


To open a new or expand an existing business, you need to invest serious amounts of money. Not every company can take so many financial resources out of circulation to acquire transport. In this case, salvation will be the rental of tractors. If you rent a tractor, you will be able to launch new projects without delay and not run into costs. The lessor will deal with issues related to maintenance, inspection, insurance, payment of taxes.


Leasing of tractors is an excellent opportunity to buy new equipment to upgrade an old fleet or expand your business without investing a solid budget. Many companies have already taken advantage of this service and have fully met their expectations.


Delivery of tractors in Canada and the USA


On our project, the auctions are available, on which the registered users can sell or purchase tractors or any other equipment at a bargain price. When the transaction is completed, we recommend that you contact our shipping partners who are involved in the transportation of equipment in the United States and Canada. The advantages of cooperation with the delivery company include:



The price for tractors in the USA depends on the transportation fees, the delivery distance, weight and size of the equipment, route specification, and other additional services.


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