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Terrain vehicles


The US terrain vehicles are such vehicles that are ideally suited for traveling in difficult terrain, which a couple of dozen years ago seemed almost an impossible task. People who are actively interested in fishing or hunting, who prefer outdoor activities, usually want to buy the terrain vehicles in the USA. Moreover, the mentioned technique is used to cope with critical tasks during construction, emergency response, cargo transportation and so on.


As it has already been mentioned, terrain vehicles are extremely popular among fishermen who know very well that the best catch is in most difficult to reach places. Some people prefer buying the ATV, but despite its advantages, the terrain vehicles are superior in their functionality. The benefits of using terrain vehicles for hunting and fishing are quite obvious. Moreover, terrain vehicles can be used as a snowmobile, boat or ordinary car. The practicality and versatility of those vehicles have made them extremely popular in the USA and other countries of the world. 


Popular brands of terrain vehicles 


Polaris terrain vehicles have become an integral part of the life of the people who prefer to have an active pastime. Terrain vehicles are ideal for sports, outdoor activities, fishing, and hunting. With the usage of this equipment, it is not difficult to get to a remote place or off-road, it easily carries goods to the most inaccessible places. Today, such units are in great demand, and all thanks to their high level of reliability, incredible cross-country ability, and the maximum degree of safety.


Argo terrain vehicles are well-known throughout the world, as they have proven themselves in the most aggressive conditions. They are guaranteed to cope with the most "harsh" impassibility - they will pass through places and swamps remote from civilization. The models of this manufacturer are economical. Consumption is about 3-5 liters per hour, while you can load equipment at 600 kilograms. This is about 6 people if you need to move on land, and 4 people if you plan to cross the body of water.


The amphibious ATVs are considered to be very old, but still relevant vehicles. They can easily meet civil and industrial needs, effectively move almost any cargo and equipment to hard-to-reach places. Often the basis of such vehicles are armored personnel carriers, but most of the projects are made from scratch. The EWK terrain vehicles fully comply with all safety requirements, have the best technical parameters and perfectly cope with their main tasks, which earned them popularity.


Sale, rent, lease of terrain vehicles 


On our website the users are offered to use the following services: 


Selling of terrain vehicles. Even the best entrepreneurs can sometimes find it extremely difficult to sell the terrain vehicles. Time goes by, and it is not possible to find buyers. As a result, many despairs and sell equipment at a low cost. Fortunately, there is an alternative in the form of our site, where everyone can publish advertisements for sale, supplementing them with photos, descriptions, contact details so that interested customers can immediately get acquainted with the information and call back if they are satisfied with your offer.

Renting of terrain vehicles is one of those services that allow you to significantly save and not spend a huge budget on the purchase of expensive equipment. Our project offers cooperation with trusted companies that have been engaged in their business for many years and have established themselves exclusively in a positive way.

Leasing of terrain vehicles is a good opportunity to significantly increase the efficiency of activities, consolidate competitiveness and market positions, and not to waste huge amounts of money from your budget. The leasing agreement is aimed at expanding and modernizing the fleet, saving and obtaining real income from the operation of equipment.


Delivery of terrain vehicles in the USA and Canada


The terrain vehicles, as well as the other equipment, can be bought or sold in the auctions which are available to the registered users of "AGRONET" advertising platform. When the transaction is made, it is necessary to determine the method of delivery of the unit to a specific locality. It is strongly recommended that you cooperate with our shipping partners, who professionally execute permits, insure cargo, determine the route, etc.


The price for terrain vehicles in the USA depends on technical characteristics of the equipment, size, weight, condition, transportation costs, delivery distance, and other peculiar features. 


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