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Thanks to modern freight transport, it is possible to ensure efficient and quick delivery of a wide variety of materials at any distance. This sector of the transport business seeks to reduce the number of trips so that the companies can get more profit. The US semitrailer, which optimally meets the requirements of shipping companies, has become one of the ways to achieve this goal. We are talking about such a vehicle, the front of which is located on the fifth wheel of the tractor.


On the rear of the trailer, there are own wheel axles. This design has a positive effect on load distribution and handling. It is possible to buy semi-trailers in the USA of different types, depending on the suspension, the number of own axles and load capacity. Among other things, models are divided depending on the type of cargo is transported.


Popular manufacturers of semi-trailers 


The Schmitz brand is a leading European manufacturer of semi-trailer equipment. The Schmitz semi-trailers can be tipper, tented, isothermal. It is one hundred percent consistent with international requirements and properly copes with both primary and secondary tasks.


The KRONE semi-trailers are the guarantee of excellent quality, minimal cost, and practical solutions. The main slogan of the company: "We set standards." Each year, the manufacturer produces more than 20 thousand models of the above technology. It is equipped with parts of the world's largest manufacturers, which make the semi-trailers reliable, stylish, and durable. Too high-quality requirements and thoughtful solutions bring maximum financial benefits. The equipment is complemented by robust welded chassis designed for aggressive everyday conditions. The models are practical and have good load capacity, which is why they are in great demand in various countries.


The Wielton brand is actively engaged in improving its technological base, optimizing the production process, introducing technological innovations. The team consists of qualified engineers and technologists who develop innovative design solutions. The Wielton semi-trailer can compete with the products of the largest international companies both in terms of quality and assortment.


Sale, rent, lease of semi-trailers


To make successful sales of semi-trailers, you should register on our advertising platform "AGRONET"! The platform is functioning to satisfy both the customers' and sellers' needs. The website is focused on ensuring the productivity, security, and comfort of users interact with each other. Having published an announcement with all the necessary information, photos, and videos, you will be able to expect a quick call from the client who is interested in concluding the transaction.


The rental of semi-trailers is in great demand among the new enterprises, which so far do not have a huge budget for the purchase of the equipment they need. Due to the growing volume of traffic or the presence of oversized cargo, additional transport capacities are increasingly needed. Thus, the ideal option, in this case, is a rental trailer from a well-established organization.


The leasing of semi-trailers is a common way to purchase units. It's about a convenient way to finance your business. The main advantages of leasing are: 



Delivery of semi-trailers in the USA and Canada


Every year, the auctions become more and more popular. Auctions are available on our website. The registered uses may buy/sell semi-trailers or any other equipment on favorable terms in the auctions. 


The used semi-trailers can be delivered by independent efforts, but this requires special knowledge, skills, and abilities to avoid emergencies along with the other road problems. If you have purchased a semi-trailer, we recommend you to use the delivery services provided by the reliable transportation company that guarantees the secure delivery of cargo to any place within the territories of the USA and Canada.  


The price for semi-trailers in the United States can be increased due to the delivery costs. The delivery cost will depend on the distance of delivery, transportation fees, sizes, the weight of the trailer and so on. 


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