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The US container is an ideal option for the safe and comfortable transportation of any cargo. The design of this product is completely waterproof and dustproof. Often the device is used to transport very serious goods, whose weight is tens of thousands of kilograms. Container doors are extremely reliable and tough, able to open in different directions, with each manufacturer making their door sizes that open at different heights and speeds.


It is recommended to buy containers in the USA to transport cargo over long distances. Moreover, sometimes containers can act as warehouses for the storage of building materials and other consumables. Sometimes, the containers are used as an ordinary barn. All in all, containers are indispensable and functional things, that are ideal for transporting refrigerators, generators, household appliances, and many other related items, as well as vehicles.


Famous manufacturers of containers


Singamas containers are produced by the largest holding company, which today occupies a leading position in the manufacture of the above products. The company also acts as a logistics operator, which occupies a huge share in the Asia-Pacific region. The holding is one of the oldest public Chinese companies: its shares have been traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1993. The group includes 12 Chinese container plants capable of producing tens of thousands of units annually. 


Maersk containers belong to a Danish company engaged in sea freight transport and serving port terminals. The headquarters are in Copenhagen, and subsidiaries with offices with tens of thousands of employees are located in almost all countries of the world. Currently, the company's market share is approximately 18%, which makes it one of the leaders in its industry.


The first containers of the Dong Fang brand were produced in 1997. Today, the holding owns the 3 largest container manufacturing plants, which do an excellent job of ensuring the supply of quality products. The range includes 20 and 40-foot dry containers, 40-foot tall containers with increased capacity, 40-foot tall refrigerated containers of increased capacity. In May 2016, the Dong Fang Group decided to integrate with the Florens group, which is an international leasing company.


Selling, rental, leasing of the containers


The selling of containers is such a profitable business, as containers are in demand among the companies that deal with the transportation of goods. The company owner finds the containers to be reliable, durable and wear-resistant structures. If you wish to sell containers, you are welcome to register on our advertising portal where you can easily sell the equipment and establish business relations. The ads are posted in a few clicks. After the ad is posted you just have to wait till the clients find it in the catalog and contact you directly to discuss all the details of the future deal. 


Provided, you have decided to start a new or expand the current business and have limited funds, you can always make use of rental service. Many beginner entrepreneurs find rental of containers as well as the other equipment useful as it is cost-effective and time-consuming. 


Container leasing is another popular form of cooperation, which is essentially a long-term lease with a further opportunity to get the products in the ownership. Several documents are required from the client, compliance with the minimum requirements and a small monthly payment.


Delivery of containers in the USA and Canada


Auctions are available on our project for all the registered users. The main purpose of the auction is to satisfy the customers and sellers need allowing them to make deals on favorable terms. After the deal is made you can face difficulties with transportation of the purchased containers or the other equipment to the site. The "Agronet" recommends you to use the additional service of delivery that is realized by the reliable company, that is responsible for:



The price of containers in the USA depends on the type, sizes, delivery distance, transportation fees, etc. 


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