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Commercial vehicles


Every year the level of sales of commercial vehicles keeps growing. The reason for the popularity of such means of transport is simple: the vehicles are ideal for small companies involved in the freight business. Buying a commercial car in the USA is also economically advantageous: a single trip on a commercial car is equal to several trips by the conventional car. As a result, significant fuel savings can be expected.


The US commercial vehicles are in demand not only among the owners of small companies but also popular with private owners who actively purchase these means of transport. Commercial vehicles can also be the ideal option for large families who regularly use transport.


Popular manufacturers of commercial vehicles


The best leading brands-manufacturers of the commercial vehicles are: 


Volkswagen commercial vehicles can easily cope with the transportation of bulky and heavy cargoes. Volkswagen vehicles occupy the leading positions in the global and European markets. The products of the German brand are in demand in America, as it has a high level of quality, reliability, affordable after-sales service. A car fleet, which consists of the above vehicles, is a profitable financial investment. Thanks to the low maintenance requirements, the costs will be paid off as soon as possible.

For over a hundred years, the Mercedes commercial vehicles have successfully carried out the transportation tasks on the roads in different countries of the world. During the existence of the brand, a lot of improvements were made, aimed at environmental friendliness, reliability, the cost-effectiveness of models. The Mercedes machines are distinguished by worthy technical characteristics, qualified warranty, and post-warranty service, and, most importantly, they serve a long time and rarely fail. 

Apart from passenger cars, there are Ford commercial vehicles. The commercial cars are in demand, especially those of minibusses, legendary pickup trucks, and small trucks. The basis is universal Ford Transit chassis, which makes cars reliable, comfortable, adapted to different conditions. The range of the American manufacturer includes a huge number of options: both luxury minibusses and unpretentious vegetable vans are available. The excellent technical characteristics of the model were demonstrated at the stage of checks and tests. It is also worth knowing that the above machines successfully passed the Euro NCAP tests, receiving 5 stars, after which they were recognized as the best vans for family and business.


Sale, rent, lease of commercial vehicles


The used commercial vehicles - are the transport means that work for the benefit of a particular company. A type of car directly depends on the activities of the organization, but often we are talking about special equipment, vans, vans. When you find yourself in need to sell commercial vehicles in the USA, we strongly recommend you to join our advertising platform. On the "Agronet" web portal you can find thousands of commercial posts published every day. It takes only a few clicks for the registered users to publish an advertising ad and wait till the clients contact them for further cooperation.  


The rental of commercial vehicles is considered to be a very common and popular service worldwide. Business representatives often need to transport goods from one point to another. Our project offers cooperation with those companies that are ready to offer the perfect opportunities for the client to take the machinery for rent on the most favorable terms.


Leasing of commercial vehicles is aimed at a significant increase in operating efficiency, strengthening competitiveness and market positions without removing substantial cash from the current budget. With the help of a leasing agreement, the car fleet can be expanded and modernized. Moreover, it is possible to save on monthly payments and to receive real income from the operation of the cars.


Delivery of commercial vehicles in the USA and Canada


The auction is an excellent opportunity to buy or sell commercial vehicles. Auctions are available on our portal. After the transaction is completed, you need to decide on the delivery of the car to a particular locality in the USA or Canada. We recommend using the additional service provided by our website - the delivery service. The delivery is realized by the reliable company that insures the cargo, determines the route and prepares all necessary documents and permits, enabling the customer to use the cars immediately after he obtains them. 


The price for commercial vehicles in the USA depends on the condition of the cars, transportation costs, weight and size of the machinery, delivery distance, etc.


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