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The car is a modern means of transportation, with which you can easily reach the desired points on certain routes. But when the transport breaks down, it must be urgently transported to the place of repair. In the absence of a tow truck, you will need to buy the auto transporter in the USA.


The above equipment is in great demand and is used to transport:



To transport the trucks, one-tier trailers are often used, and two-tier ones are used to transporting passenger models. Transport is one hundred percent safe because trailers include support devices, retractable ladders, fastenings, securing vehicles, as well as wheel chocks.


Popular brands of auto transporters


Those wishing to purchase new or used auto transporter trailers should pay attention to the products of the ROLGO brand, which has been operating for 130 years and has been in the leading positions in the industry, has rich experience, provides the necessary support, implements innovative and functional engineering solutions when creating models. Employees of the company adhere to the basic concept of development, constantly update and define new standards of excellence. All ROLFO designs are extremely reliable, load-lifting, easy to use and safe.


The German company Kässbohrer, which began its activities in 1893, deserves special attention. The brand managed to take a leading position in the European market, as it has established itself well with its high-quality and reliable products. Many have already been convinced of the advantages of Kessborre car transporter trailers, such as:



Users who wish to buy a car transporter trailer at auction are increasingly focusing on LOHR Automotive products. The manufacturer develops constructive solutions and systems for transporting cars in such a way as to best meet the needs of customers. The main advantages include:



Selling, rental, leasing of the auto transporters


The selling of auto transporters will be profitable if you use the services of our project, where it is proposed to publish ads and thus attract potential partners. You should add photos and videos, detailed technical specifications to your proposal - in this case, you will be able to achieve a quick conclusion of the transaction and implement the equipment.


Every year, renting an auto transporter trailers is becoming an increasingly popular service, and this is not at all surprising, because it allows you to save financial resources while using equipment for rent. There is no need to maintain equipment, maintain specialized personnel, and so on. Rental car transporters trailers can have different costs, which directly depend on the technical characteristics of the model, rental period and many other nuances.


Leasing is a popular financial service that, in comparison with the rental, allows the future purchase of specific equipment. Typically, this service is interested in entrepreneurs involved in particular business industry.


Delivery of auto transporters in the USA and Canada


The auto transporter auction is one of the best solutions for the acquisition and sale of specialized equipment. After the conclusion of the transaction, you can immediately start using it. However, you first need to consider how best to deliver the equipment to the United States and Canada.


The price for the transporters in the USA depends on the delivery costs, distance, size, and weight of the transported equipment, additional service, etc. If you decide to buy the auto transporters or any other equipment - ordering the delivery is the best choice for getting the items in time and good condition.  


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