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Donkeys have been actively used in the agricultural sphere for a long time. Normally these animals fully grow in 2 years, after that the donkeys are trained for the work. When the donkey reaches the age of 3 years, the animal is ready to carry out simple tasks. Except for the workforce, these animals are used for production as the milk they give is very tasty. Donkeys differ from the other animals with their unpretentiousness to food and water. Usually, they eat shrubs or grass. Today it is possible to buy donkeys in USA as an additional workforce or for milk production purposes. Many farmers are interested in the search of the proper web platform on which they will exchange their commercial proposals.  

The peculiarities of the usage of the donkeys 

Donkeys belong to the equine family. Their growth does not exceed one and a half meters. The animals are characterized by an elongated body, short croup, big head with large ears. The hair color can be gray-black and brown, rarely you can see white donkeys. The distinctive feature of which is the dark long stripe that goes along the spine. At the end of the body, there is a hairy tail.   

As it was mentioned above, you can keep live donkey for the production of meat, milk, skin and as an additional workforce. The milk given by the donkeys is of good quality and can be used in different spheres. It is the basic ingredient while producing of environmentally healthy products and is in great demand among those people who leads the healthy lifestyle. In ancient times, people spoke about the cosmetic and medicinal properties of the donkeys’ milk.    

As far as the meat is concerned, it is considered to be a healthy and dietary product. The main characteristics of the meat are rigidity, sinewy, the taste is similar to horse meat. The donkeys; meat is used for the manufacturing of sausages. The skins of the donkeys are known for its strongness and longevity. In some countries gelatin is extracted from donkeys skins’ which is used in cosmetology and medical fields. Thus, if you decide to buy the donkey, you will be able to count on a solid profit.     

The main donkey breeds 

There are many different breeds of donkeys, the most common breeds are the following:

Profitable purchase and sale of donkeys on «USA-FARMERS» Platform

By visiting our website everyone will find the solution to the problems that may have arisen during the process of purchase or sale of the animals. The price for a donkey depends on the breed of the animal. Various kinds and breeds are available on the website so there will no be difficulties in finding the exact donkey that you want. “USA-FARMERS” portal serves for advertisements exchange. There are a lot of advantages on the web-portal, such as: 

To secure the purchases, there is a special option on the website “Secure Deal”. If you choose this option, the site’s administration will control the dealing process. If the deal will contradict the agreed policy, the money will be refunded. Thus, the users are secured from the fraud actions by the third parties.  

The prices for donkeys in USA may increase in case if you live far away and decide to you the delivery service. In this case, the transportation company will deliver the order to any region of the country. Thus, USA-FARMERS is the useful platform for everyone who is planning to start the business in the sphere of agriculture. 


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