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Tillage machines


The US Tillage machinery is represented by harrows, plows, cultivators, cultivators and many other machines that have different sizes, power, and different purpose. The main objective of such equipment is to increase the yield potential. It is necessary to buy tillage equipment at least for effective mechanical tillage and loosening of compacted soil, it's leveling.


Types of tillage machines


All types of tillage machines include the following units:


Harrow. It is agricultural equipment, the purpose of which is to protect the soil from drying out, leveling its surface, destroying the soil crust, destroying weeds.

Plow. The tool is used to plow dense soil, raise virgin soil, can easily turn over the upper earthen layer. Thanks to plowing, the number of weeds decreases, the soil loosens and as a result, softens, becomes more malleable, further sowing is simplified.

Cultivator. Another agricultural machine for tillage. It happens steam and row cultivation. The former is used for continuous tillage before sowing, while the latter process directly the crops.

Ripper. This is a construction machine, previously loosening heavy, rocky and frozen soils. Often, rippers are made based on the same machines like bulldozers.

Tiller Performs the task of surface tillage, completely or partially turning over the upper earthen layer. As a result, it is possible not only to loosen the surface of the territory but also to get rid of weeds, to plant the remains of plants in the ground.

Rollers packer. By rolling is meant a kind of soil cultivation in which it is compacted by grinding large lumps and clumps, and partially leveling the surface. In this process, equipment of various configurations is involved: ring-spur, ring-toothed, water filling.

Shredder. This soil tillage technique superficially covers the ground with mulch to protect it and improve its properties. Various materials are used as mulch. In general, this is an extremely effective way to maintain plant health.

Couplings. Such tillage machines perform surface tillage with dental harrows, immersing up to 5 centimeters and loosening the top layer, combing out weeds and redistributing plant debris over the entire surface.


Famous manufacturers of tillage machines


Agricultural tillage machines are presented in a huge assortment by the American company John Deere. Many farmers opt for these implements aimed at obtaining a good harvest and reducing the costs associated with processing. The company's employees are engaged in the production of the most popular machines, ranging from cultivators and plows to disk harrows and deep-rippers. Thanks to the high reliability and productivity of these machines, it will be possible to quickly and efficiently process the soil.

Special attention should be paid to the Kverneland Visio 4 tillage technique, in particular the disc harrow. It is equipped with a robust frame, designed to work with tractors up to 330 horsepower. The new model is characterized by more reliable drives, lower operating costs. One of the novelties is the ability to control the front, rear roller independently of each other. With the help of this design, it becomes possible to use the unit in a variety of soil conditions.


Veles tillage equipment is a popular equipment in many European countries, which has established itself as a multifunctional, high-standard, including modern technology. The company has been engaged in activities for more than 20 years and during this time has established itself exclusively in a positive manner. Its products were recognized not only in the USA but also in Europe.


«USA-FARMERS» - the best platform to sell tillage machines 


Every year, there are more and more people wishing to buy cultivators, couplings, cultivators, plows, as farmers understand how important it is to automate the agricultural industry and make production less costly.


For the acquisition and sale of the above-mentioned equipment, you should contact the USA-FARMERS advertising board. Here everyone can count on favorable conditions for cooperation, a lot of additional services that facilitate the process of concluding a transaction. Now, to buy a cultivator, you do not need to spend extra time and call large companies, private suppliers, and clarify all the nuances. You just need to visit the catalog, get acquainted with all the offers and choose the one that interests you as much as possible.


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