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The US Sprayer is a fairly common and demanded tool in the agricultural industry, which is used for gardening and horticultural plants, as well as fruit and berry crops to treat them for diseases and carry out the foliar top dressing. To ensure the most effective action of the preparations, it is desirable to apply the solution by spraying over the entire surface of the leaves and branches.


Before you buy a sprayer in the United States, you must familiarize yourself with its functional features. We are talking about a technical device that squeezes a working solution through a spray nozzle under pressure, which allows the liquid to be sprayed onto small drops - their dispersion is equal to fog. The above equipment properly copes with the following tasks:



Treatment from the diseases and harmful insects is performed for prophylaxis or when the plant is infected. As a result, it is possible to prevent the defeat of shrubs and flowers with various misfortunes in the most dangerous seasons.


Popular manufacturers of the sprayers


Sprayer Marolex is the production of a Polish company, which was founded more than 20 years ago. During their activities, employees have developed a wide range of various devices. Products are made from high-quality materials, so its owners can use any suburban chemistry and not be afraid that the tank of a particular model will suffer. Products are shipped to 55 countries. In the American market, sprayers greeted quite warmly and praised it, praised for its convenience and unpretentiousness. The production process is strictly controlled, therefore Marolex produces models without defects, having a long operational life.


Maruyama sprayers belong to a Japanese company that opened in 1895 - then the company was engaged in a completely different. She produced and sold fire extinguishers. At the beginning of the 20th century, employees began producing hand-held sprayers. At the moment, the brand is engaged in the production of a wide range of motocross, trimmers, brush cutters, sprayers - everything necessary for gardening. Specialists working in the company adhere to certain principles, which allows them to create new, reliable and durable equipment.


Champion sprayers have established themselves as reliable, productive, easy-to-use tools. One of the best modifications is the Champion 257 backpack pack, which is popular with both large companies and private users. This is the fastest and easiest way to eliminate harmful insects, parasites and weeds, as well as the distribution of nutrients.


Selling, rental, leasing of sprayers 


Our website is in great demand among those who are interested in the selling of sprayers. There are also other opportunities for individuals and large business owners. Every day, a lot of new product sales announcements appear on the project, which attracts potential buyers. Absolutely all offers are displayed to a large number of people. If you competently supplement your ad with a description, photo, contacts, you can count on a successful sale in the shortest possible time.


As practice has shown, renting of sprayers becomes a real solution for small firms that have recently started their business and do not have the financial means to immediately purchase all the necessary equipment.


Leasing of sprayers is one of the forms of cooperation that allows the client not to overpay and immediately receive products for long-term rent with the possibility of redemption in the future. The advantages of the above service made it so popular, popular: a minimum of documents, simple execution, a small down payment and so on.


Delivery of sprayers in the USA and Canada


Every year, more and more people are interested in the sprayer auction. The event is aimed at the profitable sale and purchase of a product. In the future, it will be necessary to deliver sprayers to different settlements. It is recommended to start cooperating with reliable carriers who know a lot about their business. They are obliged to:



The price of sprayers in the USA is affordable. It can be slightly increased due to delivery costs. To get more detailed information on the delivery, you should contact our supporting center. 


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