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Sowing equipment


Sowing and planting machines are quite popular equipment in the agricultural industry, which is used to ensure the high efficiency of work associated with sowing and planting crops. It is represented by multifunctional trailed units, which are not only capable of putting seeds into the soil, but also performing many other actions, namely, cutting weeds, applying fertilizers, rolling soil in rows, protecting the seeds from birds and wind. Many models are universal, suitable for various soils and almost any weather conditions.


The best sowing equipment to buy 


There are various types of sowing equipment, such as:


Seeder An ancient agricultural machine that is used to sow seeds into the ground. If you buy a seeder, you can expect to reduce the consumption of seed up to 30 percent and achieve real savings in temporary, physical resources. Another advantage of the mechanism is the exact and even depth of seed placement - as a result, they are completely protected from destructive external influences, and seedlings are obtained in high-quality.

Seeder loader. Loads seeds and loose inorganic fertilizers into imported, domestic seeders along with fertilizer spreaders.

Transplanter. Today, many people want to buy a transplanter, because, with its help, pre-prepared seedlings are easily planted in open ground or soil. At the same time, it is mulched with a film of polyethylene. One of the best options is the SKN 6a transplanter.

Precision farming system. This is an integrated approach that aims to manage soil productivity using computer and satellite technologies. The main functions, in this case, are global GPS positioning, YMT yield estimation, GIS geographic information system, remote sensing of the earth and variable VRT rationing.

Sowing complex. It is a modern high-performance modular tool that can cope with various agricultural operations. For example, at the same time as sowing, it is possible to introduce both granular and liquid fertilizers.

Etchants. Using pesticides (fungicides, bactericides, insecticides) seeds are processed. Thus, they are protected from bacteria, pests, and diseases.


Popular manufacturers of sowing equipment


Sowing and planting equipment Kverneland MSC15 in the shortest possible time has become incredibly popular all over the world, as it is characterized by accuracy, reliability, effectively sows areas up to 1000 ha. Ideal results can be achieved by using the MCS with a working width of 4 m and a hopper capacity of 3,700 liters. As a result, farmers will be able to count on large-scale agricultural work.


If you plan to buy a seeder in the USA, be sure to pay attention to the models from the manufacturer Chervona Zirka. This company produces high-quality equipment that can last a long time. The universal pneumatic precision seeder UPS-8 is especially popular. They are capable of sowing calibrated and non-calibrated seeds of sunflower, corn, mite, soybeans and other crops in dotted form, at the same time applying fertilizers in granular form.

Many people prefer to buy a used seeder from John Deere. The brand offers a solid lineup, so there is no problem with choosing the best option. We are talking about effective implements and excellent helpers for farmers growing various crops.


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The price of sowing equipment in the USA depends on the conditions of the equipment, technical characteristics, model type, delivery costs, etc.


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