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Potato harvesting equipment


Any potato grower is well aware that to get a good crop, proper soil preparation for planting, digging with high-quality equipment, and then care for the products for a long ripening period are required. If the US potato harvesting technique does the job well and works properly, the losses will be minimized, the business will begin to grow and bring substantial profits.


Thus, to conduct an effective, high-quality planting and harvesting, you need to buy equipment for potato harvesting in the USA. Today, the market offers a huge number of models from various manufacturers, which have proven themselves exclusively in a positive way. The above units are sold at a fairly high cost, but you can not do without them. Otherwise, it will not be possible to plant, process and harvest. Moreover, as practice shows, such investments pay off in the shortest possible time.


Popular manufacturers of potato harvesting equipment


Potato equipment WM Kartoffeltechnik is produced by a German manufacturer - one of the leaders in the manufacture of innovative units that cultivate and harvest potatoes and other vegetables. The products of this company are in incredible demand in various countries of the world. And all because the equipment produced by a German company meets international standards for quality and reliability, is certified in many countries. In Germany, for example, the brand has dozens of representative offices and dealers. Employees of the company even accept used equipment of any brand in exchange for buying a new one, to repair it later and carry out pre-sale preparation.


Grimme potato equipment is available in two main varieties: trailed and self-propelled harvesters are offered to customers. They are quite common because they have many undeniable advantages, such as:



The ROPA KEILER potato technology is famous for its 2-row trailed harvester with an 8-ton hopper. Keiler 2 is distinguished by several new detailed solutions, for example, equipped with a fully hydraulic drive that adapts to the cleaning conditions. Regardless of the number of revolutions of the cleaning system, the machines operate at the optimum speed, which leads to a decrease in fuel consumption at low engine speed.


Selling, rental, leasing of potato harvesting equipment


Selling potato harvesting equipment is far from the easiest process, which many owners sometimes take several months to complete. To quickly implement the unit, you should add an ad on our unique trading platform, ideally suited for the sale of new and used equipment to users from different regions. To publish the proposal, it is enough to spend a few minutes, after which users will start calling and be interested in the nuances of cooperation.


Rental of potato harvesting equipment attracts the owners of small companies that do not yet have a sufficient budget to purchase the necessary units. By renting them, it will be possible to set up a product launch, quickly get the first income and pay off almost immediately.


Leasing of potato harvesting equipment is a modern and popular form of cooperation, which allows you to first rent equipment for a long period at a certain cost, and then eventually buy it out completely and get it in your possession. The transaction is accompanied by a minimum number of documents, a small down payment, tax benefits and so on.



Delivery of potato harvesting equipment in the USA and Canada


After the potato harvesting equipment auction is finished, all buyers and sellers will need to think about how best to deliver cars to certain cities of Canada, the United States. Transportation of bulky goods is an extremely specific process. Its complexity lies in the need for preliminary registration of permits, preparation of a quality route, the study of even the smallest risks and nuances. To transport the units intact and safe, you should use proven carriers.


The price for potato harvesting equipment in the USA can be increased due to the delivery costs. However, by choosing to cooperate with reliable shipping partners, you can be sure to get the purchased items in time and good condition. 


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