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Irrigation equipment


To get a full crop, it is necessary to establish a soil moisture system. Of great importance, in this case, is the watering technique. Already, many farmers were able to make sure that an abundant amount of water is an indispensable component that allows them to successfully grow any crops. However, before purchasing the above equipment, you should decide on the most suitable models. This can be done on the platform of agricultural advertisements USA-FARMERS. Every day a mass of profitable offers and cooperation options are published here. It will not be difficult to find a trusted company, start a business partnership with it and contribute to the development of your business. And most importantly - how you can buy or implement a construction for irrigation of fields as quickly as possible. On our platform, this is done as soon as possible.


Main types of irrigation technique


Irrigation technique can be of the following types: 


Sprinkler machines. Similar devices are used in the agricultural industry for irrigation. In this case, any natural water resources are used, and the cultivated area is irrigated by artificial rain. Water enters the units through a closed network, for these pump stations are used. The devices do an excellent job of irrigation, so quite often acquired by farmers.

Sprayers. The specificity of these products is the distribution of liquid for field plants. Effective spraying of fertilizers and pesticides over the fields is guaranteed to protect them from pests. Field watering machines are semi-mounted and mounted.

Motor pumps. We are talking about a pump with a powerful engine, pumping clean or dirty water in solid volumes. It is used in fire equipment to drain all kinds of ponds, pump out the cellar, basement, and sewer water, as well as supply water to residential buildings and water garden and summer cottages. Motor pumps are equipped with an air-water cooling system, which involves the usual air circulation outside and water inside.


Popular manufacturers of irrigation equipment


Every year, more and more farmers prefer sprinkler irrigation from the manufacturer "FREGAT". Such equipment is easy to use, it is unpretentious in terms of operation, and cost reduction occurs because piping water is enough for the machine to function. Similar devices themselves are water-moving pipelines moving in a circle on which rain-forming elements are uniformly located. Water is supplied to the machine from an external irrigation network using a riser of fixed support, which acts as the center of rotation of the sprinkler.

Watering and irrigation equipment in the form of sprayers is actively presented by Polmark. Often it is used to care for fruit trees (treats with pesticides, carries liquid mineral fertilizers and other products). The sprayer perfectly protects the garden from pest diseases. The device is used in areas with an ordinary tree planting system, it is convenient to work with it on small areas and in places with difficult access. It is possible to efficiently process the trees thanks to the design features of the sprayer: the presence of a built-in fan helps to create a swirl of the airflow, as a result of which it is possible to spray crops from various sides.

Machines for irrigation of crops should be supplemented by pumps and motor pumps. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the Imovilli Pompe brand, which produces products with the optimal ratio of cost and quality, as well as guaranteeing many years of trouble-free operation. D-series diaphragm piston pumps are especially in demand. They are characterized by excellent technical parameters: capacity is from 800 to 400 liters per minute, there are 2-6 working chambers, and the maximum pressure is in the region of 2 MPa.


“USA-FARMERS” - the best selling platform


Do you urgently need a machine for the irrigation of fields, or do you want to implement this equipment for a long time? The best option would be to visit the USA-FARMERS portal, where daily users from different regions of the United States place ads to purchase machines for the irrigation of fields or sell them. Many farmers were able to verify the advantages of using this resource: moderation of publication of announcements takes a minimum of time, many useful functions and services are available, you can always consult with a support service.

Thus, now you know exactly where to find irrigation with sprinkler machines. Even if you live in a remote village, you can still make a deal with the client - you only need to order delivery to your city or village.



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