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Fertilizer technique


If the procedure for applying fertilizers to the soil is mechanized, we can count on significant savings in material and time resources. For this, fertilizer application technology is actively used today, which allows feeding soil quickly and efficiently and practically without any cost with mineral, organic compounds.


The types of fertilizer technique


There are various types of fertilizer techniques. The most widely used by the farmers are the following types: 


Spreader of organic fertilizers. This machine is used to transport and spread peat, humus, compost. The unit itself is represented by a trailer with two axles. Its frame is equipped with a body with extended sides for increasing height. At the bottom of the body is a feed conveyor - it consists of several load chains welded in pairs. All have a tensioner. The above design is perfect for work related to the spreading of organic fertilizers.

Mineral spreader. It is a highly specialized device that effectively fertilizes land (if there is an additional function, it is also possible to distribute seeds). If you buy a fertilizer spreader of this type, you can rely on the processing of solid territories in the shortest possible time, increasing the efficiency of any agricultural complexes.

Manure spreader. We are talking about an agricultural machine, distributing organic fertilizers in the fields and gardens, grinding and evenly spraying manure. It is a single or biaxial tractor-trailer, the rear of which includes a rotary mechanism, chopping and dispersing manure. Management is carried out from the driver's cab.


Popular manufacturers of fertilizer technique


To ensure that organic fertilizer application technology meets your expectations, make the choice exclusively in favor of proven and well-established manufacturers. For example, among them the Uniya brand is distinguished, and in particular, the Titan Premium line - it includes professional spreaders intended for large farms. Cars perfectly cope with the task of transporting and applying manure, compost, peat along with other fertilizers. The models are complemented by a body, have a thought-out cleaning system, a chain conveyor and a hydraulic drive for the uniform supply of organic material.

Often farmers want to buy a used fertilizer spreader from the manufacturer MVU-5. The company has been manufacturing equipment since 1985 in the city of Neftekamsk. It produces semi-trailer units, the basis of which is represented by multidirectional disks. 5 tons are placed in a container for mineral fertilizers - this is an extremely solid tonnage for agricultural machinery. As for the maximum width of the grips, it is about 20 meters.


The Kverneland R3 fertilizer applicator was able to quickly become a leader in the production of fertilizer spreading equipment. One of the design features is the scatter discs endowed with a receiving chamber. First, the substances enter the chamber, so that further acceleration and flow occur more quickly. A similar method keeps the granules intact, so they are evenly distributed on the soil surface. The device is fully automated, and an electronic work control system serves to control several processes simultaneously.


"USA-FARMERS" - is the guarantee of profitable cooperation


Farmers planning to buy a manure spreader in the USA or any other related equipment understand that the USA-FARMERS platform is considered the best place to conclude a deal - this is a very large portal where everyone will have the opportunity to purchase and sell equipment as soon as possible and on favorable terms. The catalog contains many models, so the user can easily determine the best option. The section is regularly updated with offers from large companies and individuals, which only simplifies the search for suitable equipment.


It is recommended to immediately register on the portal to gain access to your account with advanced functionality. Do you live in a remote village? No problem! Verified carriers easily transport products to the specified address. To buy a manure spreader and not worry about the safety of your funds, it is better to use the safe transaction service - in this case, the cooperation will be controlled by the project administration.


Thus, if you need liquid fertilizer equipment, go to the agricultural board "USA-FARMERS" and establish partnership and business relations with other users. Good luck!


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