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Earthmoving machinery


Excavator is standard excavation equipment that is involved in the construction and manufacturing field. It is characterized by a rather simple design consisting of running equipment, a cabin with controls and a unit with a bucket. One of the features of such machines is the presence of a rotary working body. To more efficiently perform the task, it is possible to move the bucket in any direction, while the chassis remains motionless. Thanks to the separate movement of the working body and running gear, it has excellent functionality, performance, and versatility.


Types of earthmoving machines


Excavators can be of the following types: 


Mini excavators. This is a smaller copy of a standard machine, which is only slightly different from its counterpart. By mini-technology they mean cars weighing 0.8-8 tons. It must be understood that manufacturers of specialized equipment do not distinguish certain types of mini-excavators - they are equated to complete units: some models differ only in size, which means that their performance and cost are less. This transport copes with the performance of small-sized work in places where it's simply impossible to use large-size equipment.

Backhoe loaders. Are applied to carry out landscaping works of a wide range. Offered in the market in a wide variety. Modern models are endowed with many functions and are universal in their work. They easily cope with the task of soil transportation, a company of trenches, transportation of building materials, cleaning of territories, landscape planning.

Trenchers. If you buy an excavator in the USA of this type, you can easily create trenches and lay utilities like cables and pipelines. Among other things, this equipment is used to cut soil blocks during plant transplants, to carry out preparatory work, to loosen hard earth and remove obsolete asphalt pavement.

Attachments. It is not enough to buy a used excavator in the USA; you also need to equip it with attachments. Additional accessories make the equipment not only a digger but also add functions to it, allow you to perfectly cope with general construction and road works, demolish obsolete buildings and recycle garbage.


Popular brands of excavators


Every year, the number of people wishing to buy a JCB excavator is only increasing. And all because the machines produced at this enterprise have high operational characteristics and perfectly cope with a wide range of tasks. The equipment easily performs the tasks of transporting bulk cargo, carrying out earthwork, cleaning the territory from debris and snow masses. If necessary, you can equip special equipment with attachments - then its capabilities will expand significantly.

People planning to buy an MTZ excavator will also not regret their choice. Its predecessor was a tractor from the Minsk Transport Plant, which found application in the agricultural industry. On its basis, new special equipment was created, one hundred percent meeting modern requirements, which is reliable, wear-resistant, economical.


The price for purchasing of excavators in the USA is reasonable if we focus on the UMZ model. The basis for their creation was a wheeled tractor, which is actively used in agriculture. Cars are endowed with a grab for loading fertilizers, straw, bulk materials, and other goods. An excavator shovel, in turn, digs pits with a dump or removes excavated soil, digs holes with trenches, and so on.


The best excavator selling portal "USA-FARMERS"


Selling of the earthmoving machinery in the USA is considered far from the easiest direction: it is rather difficult for people involved in the agricultural industry to sell products on favorable terms for themselves. Fortunately, they can always use the services of the advertising board - USA-FARMERS.

Now you know exactly where to buy an excavator or sell it, quickly find business partners and enter into transactions with them. You just need to add an ad with a description of the product, its characteristics, accompany photos and videos, talk about your conditions and indicate the cost. Soon, customers interested in cooperation will call back to the user and ask about the nuances of cooperation.

The price for excavators in the USA directly depends on the features of the model, as well as the order of additional services by type of delivery to any Ukrainian settlement or a safe transaction, which is controlled by the project administration.


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