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Combine harvesting equipment 


The US harvesting equipment consists of highly specialized agricultural machines used for harvesting grain. Such units are multifunctional and equipped with several devices: reapers, winders, threshers. Full automation of work processes contributes to the rapid completion of the harvesting stage, which allows maintaining the quality and nutritional value of the material.


Today, it is not difficult to buy combine harvesting equipment in the USA. A huge assortment of products is available for every taste, so it is quite easy to decide on the best option. The main thing is to choose favor of the model from a trusted brand that has been producing units for many years and has established itself exclusively in a positive way.


Popular manufacturers of combine harvesting equipment


For more than 100 years, John Deere harvesting equipment has been used by farmers and agricultural holding employees, demonstrating high-quality and reliable operation, high efficiency and durability. Combines of the W, T, and S700 series with precision farming systems deserve special attention. Spare parts and accessories are also available. The above-described brand is engaged in the creation of models aimed at increasing the efficiency of grain harvesting several times, saving fuel and ensuring high-quality grain with straw. We are talking about universal equipment for harvesting fields that can work with various crops.


MacDon harvesting equipment is also highly regarded by farmers from all over the world, as it is manufactured by the world's leading manufacturer of self-propelled and trailed wind rowers, combines, mowers, and other similar units. The models produced by the company, one hundred percent meet all the requirements and their purpose - they perform the work as soon as possible. With the help of the company's products, cereals and oilseeds, rice, soybeans, roughage, perennial and annual herbs, special crops are easily collected.


CASE IH combine harvesting equipment is an innovative product that is considered an effective agricultural solution and provides accurate farming. She copes even with the most difficult tasks, and the main goal of the manufacturer is to simplify the lives of ordinary workers. The company allowed ordinary landowners to manage the production cycle of crops, optimize productivity, increase profits. During the manufacture of units, technologies are used in which all work processes are automatically diagnosed. The company has everything necessary to ensure maximum accuracy of operations, guarantee minimum error and make full use of land potential.


Sale, rent, lease of combine harvesting equipment


If you are interested in the selling of combine harvesting equipment, we recommend you to use the services of our site, where everyone can publish their announcement. This is a simple and understandable site on which registration is not required. Not only private individuals but also various companies can publish their proposal - you will no longer have to interact with intermediaries and other commercial organizations, which will help save your budget.


The rental of harvesting equipment is a real opportunity for a serious improvement in harvest performance. By renting equipment, it will be possible not only to save the budget but also to quickly complete all projects. A similar method of temporary purchase today is the most affordable and convenient for customers. On our website, many companies offer favorable conditions for cooperation, so you just have to choose with whom to start interacting.  


Absolutely all farmers are aware of the fact that it is simply impossible to conduct the agricultural industry without specialized units. When there is not enough finance to purchase equipment, leasing of harvesting equipment becomes salvation.


Delivery of combine harvesting equipment in the USA and Canada


The US harvesting equipment auction is an excellent chance to purchase or sell large-sized agricultural machines of a high level of quality. So that they begin to bring at least some benefit, they must first be delivered to a particular site. In this case, you should begin cooperation with carriers engaged in transportation in the United States and Canada.


The price for combine harvesting equipment in the USA will depend on the delivery costs, including: 



The transportation is realized by the professional drivers who will deliver the cargo in time and good condition. To get more detailed information on the delivery, you should contact our support center. 


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