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Kubota tractors in USA and Canada! Sale, leasing, rent | Minneapolis

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Kubota tractors


Kubota is a Japanese manufacturer that began producing agricultural tractors in 1960 and is now one of the undeniable leaders in the market. Today the company offers a wide range of equipment from small to large units that cope with a variety of tasks. If the US Kubota tractor is supplemented with attachments, it will be able to effectively carry out plowing, harrowing, cultivating, and so on.


Due to its high level of performance and reliability, the company has gained a strong reputation in many global markets. Now the brand plans to produce larger models for large-scale commercial farming. Opening new horizons for large-scale commercial agriculture, Kubota will support research and development, listening carefully to the needs of farmers. The company will continue to develop and expand the capabilities of the agricultural industry.


The manufacturer offers a full lineup of tractors. Compact models that are actively involved in everyday life, industry, and agriculture, have excellent power, productivity, mobility. Larger units, in turn, can easily cope with heavy traction work, without which farm enterprises can not do.


Popular models of Kubota brand


Kubota M Series tractors are designed to perform complex agricultural tasks. They are equipped with diesel engines, whose power is in the range of 10-140 horsepower. Often they are used in large complexes of the agricultural industry. They are complemented by the front-wheel-drive that improves traction and control. Tractors are accompanied by a special economical mode, with the help of which fuel consumption is reduced.


Kubota L-Series tractors handle medium-sized farm holdings. The power of their engines does not exceed 30 horsepower. Compatible attachments allow this equipment to cope not only with agricultural work but also dig pits properly.


Kubota B-series tractors. These models are often used not only by individuals but also by commercial enterprises. They have small overall dimensions and are capable of performing a wide range of work. 


Selling, renting, leasing of Kubota tractors


The following services are available on our advertising platform: 


If you are interested in selling of Kubota tractors, it is enough to publish a free advertisement with the description of the model, technical characteristics, photos, videos, any other information that can attract the customers, leave your contact information and wait till the clients contact you. 

Rental of Kubota tractors is possible for any period, starting from one day and ending with several months. If you order the service for a long period, the final cost will decrease. This is explained by the interest of business owners in stable mutually beneficial cooperation with regular customers.

The price for Kubota tractors in the USA is too high for small businesses, so they are increasingly using the leasing service. In this case, it will be necessary to provide a minimum package of documents, make a small down payment and pay a certain amount monthly. In the future, there will be the possibility of a complete buyout of equipment.


Delivery of Kubota tractors in the USA and Canada


The US Kubota tractor auction is a good opportunity to implement or purchase equipment in the shortest possible time and without unnecessary problems. Usually, users live far from each other, so there is a need for the delivery of equipment in Canada or the United States. During the transportation of such cargo, it is necessary to observe several key requirements - only then it will be possible to count on safe transportation. If you turn to the professionals in their field, cooperation will take place according to this principle:



If you plan to buy a Kubota tractor in the USA or sell it, you are welcome to join our website and feel all the advantages of the services provided by the platform. If you have any questions - contact the support center.  


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