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Ford Tractors in USA and Canada! Sale, leasing, rent | Minneapolis

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Ford tractors


Ford is a world-famous manufacturer of cars, but few people know that even at the beginning of its formation, it was also engaged in the production of tractors. Due to strict shareholders, Henry Ford could not fully devote himself and devote all his efforts, finances to the production of special equipment, so he decided to found a new company, Henry Ford & Son Inc. Ford US tractor subsequently became known as Fordson.


The first Fordson F tractor was built on a conveyor belt and was produced in solid circulation. The start of this production became successful because it was possible to conclude contracts for the supply of equipment in the UK, where it was necessary to cultivate arable land and, as a result, expand the tractor fleet. In the end, Ford decided to build a plant in Ireland to capture the European market.


In addition to England, Ford was able to restore the agriculture of the Soviet Union, where he sent 20 thousand models, and later set up production of units called Fordson Putilovets. A special event took place in the 80s: Ford bought the Sperry-New-Holland consortium, which allowed the company to become the largest producer of agricultural machinery in the world. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to pull such a burden, so in 1991 the Ford tractor unit was sold to the FIAT holding. 


Popular models of Ford brand


Ford FW Series - the legendary line of equipment that appeared after the signing in 1977 of an agreement between Ford and Steiger Tractor on the production of four four-wheel-drive large units that were to meet the specifics of Ford. The FW series included models 20, 30, 40 and 60.


Fordson Dexta has been produced from 1957 to 1961. The models were smaller Fordson E1A Major affiliates to cater to private ownership and small businesses. They are equipped with a direct 3-cylinder engine, which Ford developed and manufactured with Perkins. The basis of the design was the famous Perkins P3 engine, made under the requirements of Ford at the Fords Dagenham foundry.


Ford 5000 is a popular blue and white tractor manufactured from 1964 to 1975. The model belongs to the middle class. The European and North American versions were produced, which were slightly different from each other. An analog called Ford 3000 was presented in the spring of 1965. After the launch of the Ford 5000 and other models of this series was established in 1964, they remained in production until 1968, after which they were upgraded from the Ford Force series. Part of the modifications affected the engine and other components, thanks to which it was possible to increase power up to 75 horsepower. In 1975, Ford suspended the production of the above units after 11 years of production. These models have always been ranked among the company's best-selling tractors.


Selling, rental, leasing of Ford tractors


One of the main problems of the vast majority of farmers is the inability to quickly sell products. The selling of Ford tractors can cause a lot of difficulties as the equipment must be constantly looked after, maintained in working order. Now you can forget about the long-term implementation of the units because everyone has the opportunity to publish an advertisement on our project and as soon as possible find buyers interested in concluding the transaction.


Every year, renting a Ford tractor is becoming an increasingly popular service that allows you to profitably get machines for cleaning snow, a full cleaning of the territory, and performing earth and construction manipulations. Rental is possible both for a few days and a couple of months. In the case of concluding a long-term contract, the client is given good discounts.


Since not every farmer in the United States can afford to buy the Ford tractors, leasing is an excellent option! The beginner farmers find many advantages of leasing the equipment, such as:



Delivery of Ford tractors in the USA and Canada


Ford tractor auction is a very popular event at which many users can sell their equipment on favorable terms. Even though such units are self-propelled and move on their own on the roads, their delivery to certain places may take too much time, because of which the farmer will incur financial costs.


Having decided to buy a Ford tractor in the USA, you need to think about its future delivery to the workplace. The ideal option is to contact our shipping partners, who have great experience in transporting the equipment and can work out the best route and get the necessary documentation issued. They will be happy to answer any questions and discuss all the details of cooperation.


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