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McCormick tractors 


The McCormick trademark began its activity back in 1831 when Cyrus McCormick managed to invent agricultural equipment that effectively harvested crops. Thanks to his flair for innovation, leadership and business acumen, the International Harvester, the legendary American agricultural company, was later created. The US McCormick tractor was put into production from 1968 to 1999. At about the same time, JI Case Company bought one of the brand divisions, and the brand changed its name to Case International. Innovative tractors were in great demand, as a result, Argo Spa bought the company, and the factory in Doncaster became the global headquarters of McCormick Tractors.


In 2008, KAMAZ OJSC became the basis for the assembly production of tractors under its brand, however, at the time of their creation, McCormick brand drawings and technologies were used. In just 2 years, the Kama Tractor Plant managed to produce more than 2 thousand units of equipment. It also stabilized the production of 4 types of models having different traction class and power.


Popular models of McCormick brand


Before buying a McCormick tractor in the USA, you should observe the most popular models of the brand: 


McCormick XTX 185. It is suitable for a wide range of agricultural work. The Power Management system allows the unit in the process of performing operations that need power take-off to maintain a stable operating speed. The equipment easily copes with work that previously required the efforts of several machines at once. As a result, it was possible to significantly reduce operating costs for various materials along with maintenance and repair.

McCormick XTX 215 tractor is a very successful product resulting from the cooperation of the Kama Tractor Plant and ARGO Tractors S.P.A. The model economically consumes fuel, even if there are heavy loads and high performance. The equipment is ideally adapted for the most severe conditions. According to its technical characteristics, it belongs to the 3rd traction class and easily copes with a wide range of agricultural operations in medium and large areas. 

McCormick TTX 230 tractor is equipped with a three-point attachment, has an efficient hydraulic system and a high load capacity of up to 10.500 kg. Thanks to a solid range of settings, the depth of work, as well as the lifting of attachments, is easily controlled. The model has a 6-cylinder IVECO engine. Its power is 225 horsepower.


Selling, rental, leasing of McCormick tractors


On our website, selling of McCormick tractors is quite simple. Users can post free ads at any time indicating the technical parameters of the units, with photos, videos and any other information that can attract the clients. 


The price for McCormick tractors in the USA can be rather expensive for beginner entrepreneurs who just start to run their business. A great option is to rent McCormick tractors. The rental of the equipment has many advantages which have many advantages: no need to conduct the repair and maintenance of the equipment as well as to find the place for its permanent storage. 


Many farmers find the McCormick tractor price in the United States to be too high. The way out of this situation is the leasing service. We are talking about such a financial solution, which allows you to easily expand your fleet and get units on the most favorable conditions with the possibility of their further redemption.


Delivery of McCormick tractors in the United States and Canada


The farmers are aware that McCormick tractors can facilitate the performance of various agricultural tasks. However, before buying the tractors, it is important to choose a reliable transportation company that will deliver the purchased equipment to the field.  


That is why, when the McCormick tractor auction is finished, the new owner of the equipment is recommended to contact our partners who can arrange the delivery of equipment in the USA and Canada as soon as possible. They will easily work out the optimal route, prepare all the necessary documents and answer any questions related to transportation. 


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