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US harvester-excavators are universal and high-performance machines. They properly cope not only with the main tasks but also with many other additional functions necessary in the forest industry.


Today, many people wish to buy harvester-excavators in the USA, because this equipment is characterized by a mass of undeniable advantages:



Popular brands


Neuson harvester-excavators have long established themselves as an expert in the most difficult areas. The high efficiency of the equipment allows you to perform work where other vehicles simply can not cope.


Ponsse harvester-excavators are manufactured by a popular Finnish manufacturer. His main specialization is the development and production of equipment for the logging and timber transport industry. Thanks to the unsurpassed quality of technology, the brand has won the recognition of the largest enterprises and is actively used in the vast majority of countries. For several years now, the company continues to occupy a leading position in its field, as it creates high-quality mechanisms and devices that have excellent performance indicators and are sold at affordable prices.


Menzi Muck harvester-excavators cost-effectively automate forestry-related operations. The equipment chassis is capable of working on different soils. Do not forget about the powerful all-wheel drive and walking function. Slopes up to 100% - this is not a problem for the models of the above brand. The technique is actively used during clearing after storms, for thinning or clear-cutting. Due to the ability to replace certain mechanisms, the capabilities of the unit are significantly expanded, high performance and operational efficiency are guaranteed.


Selling, leasing, rental of harvester-excavators 


On our advertising platform, all conditions have been created so that excavator-harvesters sales can be done successfully. All that is required, is the publication of an advertisement with all the necessary information. The users will see the offer while browsing the catalog and contact the seller directly to discuss all the details of the future deal.


Excavators-harvesters rent allows you to not overpay and at the same time receive modern, serviceable and functional equipment. This service has proven itself exclusively in a positive way because it has a large number of advantages:



Leasing of harvester excavators is another popular service, the benefits of which were already seen by many company owners. It is a long-term lease with a further right to purchase equipment. By concluding a leasing agreement, the user will reduce operating expenses, get rid of tax benefits, will not need to attract a loan, and so on.


Delivery of harvester-excavators in Canada and the United States


Auctions are available on our website. The main target of the auction is to facilitate the process of buying and selling equipment and any other equipment. After the transaction is completed, there is a need for the transportation of bulky cargo to a certain point in the United States or Canada. It is strongly recommended that you contact our shipping partners who will prepare all the necessary documentation and deliver your purchase on time and in a safe condition. 

The price for harvester excavators in the USA for delivery depends on the distance of transportation, the weight of the cargo and its quantity, and other additional services. For getting more detailed information – contact our support center. 


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