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Fendt tractors in USA and Canada! Sale, leasing, rent | Madison

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Fendt tractors


Today, the US Fendt tractor is an extremely popular and widespread technique, which is characterized by a simple and convenient operation. With its help, it becomes easy to cope even with the most difficult jobs. Thanks to the Fendt Vario gearbox, you don't have to think about speed gears and see for yourself the efficiency of work on units with different power. Developing its first and all subsequent models, the manufacturer followed the standards of high-quality performance and driving comfort for agricultural machinery.


If you buy a Fendt tractor in the United States, you can count on the efficient and quick execution of any tasks. Since innovative technologies were used to create the units, the equipment described above took a leading position in a wide variety of industries, including agriculture. The equipment performed well in the forestry and municipal sectors: the manufacturer offers many optimal options for a wide variety of jobs: from industrial to the utility.


Popular models of Fendt brand


Fendt 936 tractor properly mechanize the agricultural, fodder and transport works in large agricultural farms. Stable performance is provided by the following technical innovations:



Fendt 1050 tractor was developed using the latest technology to properly solve all the main problems. The work done has led to a large number of international awards. The super-powerful tractor successfully combines operating and operational characteristics:



Fendt 926 tractor is another popular development that is ideal for the agricultural sector. The machine is lightweight and maneuverable, has Vario drive technology and a wide power range. The design of the unit includes a convenient operator's cab, which is supplemented by all sorts of amenities and has excellent visibility.


Selling, rental, leasing of Fendt tractors


Fendt tractors for sale are available on our portal. This greatly facilitates the process of selling equipment to interested customers. It is enough to publish an announcement, indicate in it the technical parameters of the unit, supplement with photographs for a quick search for buyers. Also, do not forget to indicate contact details so that you are immediately contacted to clarify the nuances of cooperation.


Buying large-sized equipment for one-time use is expensive and unprofitable. In this case, it is economically feasible to rent equipment. Rental of Fendt tractors have a lot of advantages. For example, you no longer have to think about storage, maintenance, repair of units. It is enough to contact the employees of one of the companies and sign a contract for the rental of equipment with them for a certain period. All cars are technically sound and maximally fueled.



The price for Fendt tractors in the USA may seem too high for the owners of small farm complexes, so they often lease equipment. This is a good financial solution for legal entities along with commercial organizations and business owners who are doing everything possible to effectively expand their fleet. There is an opportunity to purchase the unit on favorable terms with a small down payment.


Delivery of Fendt tractors in the USA and Canada


As many farmers have already been able to see, the use of tractors greatly facilitates a variety of agricultural tasks. Before starting work, the equipment must be delivered to the field. It is quite difficult to transport by yourself. The above units are characterized by a low speed of movement, so the trip will take too much time. Moreover, not every road is suitable for the movement of such vehicles.


If you buy Fendt tractors in the auction, it is recommended that you should contact our shipping partners and discuss all the peculiarities of transporting the cargo to the indicated place within the territories of the USA and Canada.  


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